Saturday, January 5

The beginning of the end

Blogs, they've become the cool thing of 2007 apparently. Everyone has one, and you're left out if your not part of the blogging world. So, just like I joined myspace to increase my "coolness", then upgraded to facebook, I have now becoming a blogger to fit in with the rest of the hip crowd of the 21st century (and to please Liz since she leaves in less than 24 hours and becoming a blogger was my only homework assignment over Christmas break. Typical procrastination, I waited until the last day).

It seems like life is ever changing, but more so lately than usual. School starts in two days, meaning I have two days left to be lazy, a.k.a., I sit on my bed, computer on lap, staring out the window at the snow covered trees, wishing I were back in Florida at the beach where the term winter doesn't include crisp, bitter cold air. But alas, I've been subjected to the greatness of Utah for the last 22 years and will continue to enjoy it for four more short months. Then, the world truly becomes my campus...or playground for that matter. Let's face it, I may be ready to graduate, but I'm definitely not ready to grow up just yet. So, here's to the finale, the beginning of the end of the best four years a college student could have asked for. From, Idaho, to Hawaii, to Provo, college has been one adventure after another, and I expect nothing less from this final semester.


trentathon said...

oh yeah

Lindsay Johnson said...

bravo!!! congrats and welcome to the world of blogs.... whatever you do - make sure you live up the life as a student. Working life is way over rated!