Tuesday, April 29

It's a wonderful thing

Well, I did it, I actually graduated from college. More like I actually walked, making it seem like I actually graduated. I still have to do my internship for it to be legitimately true. Nevertheless, I will never be a student of Brigham Young University ever again. I will never walk through campus with thousands of other Latter-day Saints, and I will never get to sit in a classroom where we're discussing chronic diseases while incorporating the gospel into our discussion. What a unique place BYU is. I'm going to miss it. Two years at BYU didn't seem long enough. Two years at BYU-Idaho seemed long enough. And two months at BYU-Hawaii seemed to just teased me. But, I can't complain, I've had amazing college experiences, made amazing friends, and had amazing professors. College, it's simply a wonderful thing.

Tuesday, April 15

Out of Place

Last night my old roommate and I and a few other friends went to see Jimmy Eat World in concert. I was pretty excited about this, since I used to be obsessed with them in High School. I still like them, I still think they have great music, and I'm glad I was able to see them perform.
However, within the first few minutes of the concert I was quickly reminded of why I don't go to things like that. First of all, although I may only be 22, I felt too old, and too out of place to be excited about seeing them. Second of all, I paid to expose myself to acoustic trauma. In other words,I think I now have a perforated eardrum, meaning I'm on the verge of experiencing hearing loss. Just my luck, by the time I'm 30 I'll be wearing hearing aids. At this very moment, my ears are still ringing, they still feel really sensitive, and the thought of music makes them hurt even more. Third, if there is only one band you care to see, don't go on time. Not only will this save your eardrums from perforating, but you wont lose valuable time that is impossible to get back. And lastly, if you're a parent, don't take your 5 year old child to a concert. They'll end up needing hearing aids by the time they're 15. Buy them the CD instead, or better yet get them a babysitter. One more side note about parents at concerts...don't dance!

Tuesday, April 8

Googled out

Gchat. It may help pass time when you're bored. It may be the only form of communication you have with some friends. It may be used as a form of entertainment. But,not at work! Or so I've learned, in a rather ridiculous/funny kind of way. (details left out due to viewers digression of OIT)

Monday, April 7

Happy Days continued

5. Go on a date with an athlete (Fui Vakapuna did tell me I was beautiful the other day...twice)
6. Eat in the MOA
Plus all of the other suggestions you've given me.
This month is going to be great!

On a different note, this weekend was amazing. I love General Conference. I remember as a little girl thinking conference was so boring.I never understood how people could sit still for so long. Now, I crave conference, and wish every weekend we could listen to the inspiring words of our church leaders. I am grateful, that in a wicked world, there are people like President Monson, President Eyring, and President Uchtdorf whom the Lord has prepared to become the inspired leaders they are today and to carry this gospel forward. They keep us humble!