Sunday, September 28

So Long, Farewell

22, I never really cared for you.
You sent me away to become someone new,
And I didn't really care to do what you wanted me to.

22, you weren't particularly that fun,
A year full of heartbreaks, realities, and then some.
Looking back on my years trials as a whole,
You've done way too much to leave me feeling dull.

22, is it really true,
That I'm no longer a student going to BYU,
And I have to grow up and do something new?

22, why did you ship me off to the east coast?
I always thought the west coast would be my residing host?
You've rudely awakened me to the realities of life,
And caused me to go through some unnecessary strife.

23 will be better, leaving behind my past pain.
Only to show the east coast I can rule and reign,
But not in a way that will cause me to be feign,
And not rightly so, if it leaves me feeling vain.

Well 22... and I are finally through.
23, I hope you can inherently see,
That I need you to take extra good care of me.

Friday, September 26

Pure Confusion

I was patiently waiting for the Metro to come pick me up and take me home. It was a little before 5, and work was over for the weekend. I stood watching the minutes slowly wind down until my train would be arriving, 5..4..3..2..1. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the busy and tired workers that crowded the metro station, my people watching mentality kicked in. I noticed two individuals, possibly friends, possibly lovers, perhaps mere acquaintances. I don't know why they caught my eye? But for some reason they stuck out--just the way a redhead sticks out in a crowd. The train finally arrived, and I stepped on. So did they. Since I no hablo espaƱol, I was quickly shunned from eavesdropping on their conversation. I exited the train. So did they. I made my way past them as I quickly walked up the escalator, leaving the thought of them behind. I stood in line to wait for the bus, and quickly noticed, so did they. It wasn't until I was standing in line waiting for the bus that I realized, that who I thought was a girl was actually a guy, and who I thought was a guy, was actually a girl. I stared...probably longer than is polite, (although, I don't think it's polite to stare at all, so I applogize for my lengthy gaze) to make sure what I just discovered was actually true. Yes! I boarded the bus, giggling to myself, feeling slightly embarrassed for me thinking poorly, and for them being deciving. I glanced a few more times, just to make sure I was right. Yes!

This got me thinking. Why/how do women lose sight of their femininity and men their masculinity? It just doesn't seem right.

Monday, September 22

Seize the Moment

We've all been on the receiving end of gag gifts, or perhaps been the contributor of these unnecessary items. They're funny, generally inappropriate, and naturally make the present moment extremely uncomfortable, only adding to the humor of it all. A few weekends ago, I discovered the gag gift of gag gifts. A special thanks to the Amish in Lancaster County, and the small city of Intercourse, Pennsylvania, for selling merchandise with the phrase "I love Intercourse" written all over it (pun may or may not be intended). Perhaps I'll give my new Pennsylvania keepsake away as a bridal gift, perhaps I'll be selfish and keep it for myself, only to be worn on a special and inapporpriate occasion. Decision still pending.

On a side note, the Amish have a lot more to offer than merely cheap "souvenirs". Their home cooked cooking is exceptionally delicious. Their lifestyle unique in many ways. And a buggy ride through Intercourse is not only educational, but gorgeous as well. If you're ever in this area, I highly recommend visiting. As the Amish would say, "Intercourse, Pennsylvania, come out and play!"

Monday, September 15

Going Green

I'm not a tree hugger in anyway. I occasionally remember to recycle the newspaper, milk containers, or any alumminum, plastic, or glass containers I may have accumulated throughout the week/month. I don't buy organic foods. I can't afford them. I've yet to purchase a "hip" and newly deemed, fashionably accteptable, reusable grocery bag. And by no means do I drive a hybrid car. However, just today I realized I'm doing something that can land me a spot in the eco-friendly category. Seeing that the lights in my office are on a timer, and naturally when you don't walk around enough they turn off, it's safe to say, I spend a majority of my day sitting in the dark. Some may say I'm lazy, I say I'm conserving energy (no pun intended). Oops, it just got dark again.

Saturday, September 6

Turn the Lights Off

It's nearly 12 in the afternoon as I lay in bed listening to the cries of Mother Nature. Don't worry, I didn't just wake up, I just haven't moved much in my last few waking hours.

Most people would consider today a day of bad weather, I consider it blissful. As nice as a sunny day with a gentle, cool breeze is, the tears from heaven are far more pleasant and relaxing to me, than having the sun beat down on my face and having to wipe away a drop of sweat that has accumulated from the heat. Today is a good day.

Today is also my last day of "vacationing". I've somehow managed to turn my five days of vacation into a month long retreat. From Utah, to Idaho, up to New York, and now back to DC, I've had one adventure after another. I'm ready to start working again, but I'm convinced that in another month, I'll be ready for some more time off. Here's a recap of my month of relaxation.
  • Doctor, dentist, hair appointment
  • Got a new job
  • Oral surgery
  • Steph' wedding
  • Worked at Joe Morley's (who doesn't like to make money on Vacation?)
  • A trip to the cabin in Idaho to go wakeboarding
  • Visited the "Big Apple" for the first time
to include: Central Park, the Zoo, Empire State Building, Time Square, Battery Park, Ground Zero, Shopping, 5th Avenue, Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Little Italy, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center, Mary Poppins, the US Open, and ate way too much good food for one weekend.
  • Got another new job...apparently I can't make up my mind
  • Spent a week "relaxing" in/around my apartment
  • Vicariously lived the first week back to BYU through all of my friends still in college (I probably shouldn't admit to that)
  • Had a tooth fall out
  • More dentist visits

It's been fun, but it's time I wake back up to reality and begin working once again.

Wednesday, September 3

I've been cursed

Let's rewind six years:
I was merely a teenager that refused to believe "mothers know best". So, when my Mom told me not to go out with all of my friends the night before we left for Mexico, what did I do? Naturally, I went out with all of the boys. A mother's intuition is far more trustworthy than my own selfish desires. However, as a teenager, listening to my Mom was the last thing I ever wanted to do. But of course, as the events of the evening unfolded, I instantly wished that I would have listened to my Mom for a change. Going home with a knocked out tooth wasn't my ideal way to end the evening. To make matters even, worse, the dentist was out of the office the next day, and my tooth couldn't get fixed before I had to board the plane for Mexico. My family joked that I'd fit in with the Mexican's with a missing tooth. I didn't see any humor in that.

Let's fast forward six years to the present:
Ever since getting my tooth knocked out, I have a fear it will happen again. Every time I walk up and down the stairs, I think to myself, "I better not trip, or I'll fall and hit my teeth and they'll all fall out." Without fail, that is my thought process every time I put my first foot on the step. I can't count how many times I've frantically woken up to feeling my teeth to make sure they're all intact. My worst nightmare is that my tooth will somehow fall out again. Well, funny that as I sat on my bed yesterday afternoon, talking to my Mom, my worst nightmare came true. I'd be lying if I said this time I found it humorous. Looking in the mirror only caused the tears to become more and more uncontrollable...I looked like one of those freaky witches that haunt you in the movies. I was a mess. Thank goodness for dentist, but I've had my fill of them for the year. From a cleaning, to surgery, to a tooth falling out in the course of three weeks, what more do I have to endure? Let the humor begin.