Friday, July 31

Friday at the Market

Three weeks ago, something that involves six dollars and a bucket was discovered.

Take this bucket...

And six of these...

And the end result is a whole lot of this...

Sugar, corn oil, and kernels.
and a whole lot of goodness.
Is it unhealthy? Of course.
But does it taste divine? Absolutely.
Three weeks in a row and counting.
I love forming new traditions.
I love the Farmers Market on Fridays.
And I love co-workers who encourage my newly discovered addictions.
Hopefully this week the bucket doesn't hit empty by Saturday.

Wednesday, July 29

So Long, Farewell

Auf wiedersehen, adieu, to my favorite brother and sister in-law.
Let's get sentimental for a few minutes.
This week has been semi-emotional for me, and yes, it's only Wednesday.
For the past year I've been living in Washington, DC, I've been pretty blessed
To have all of my siblings close by.
With Andrea and I living together,
Rob and Lorena 20 minutes away,
And Brittany and Brian an hour and a half south of us,
I've been one lucky girl.

As the youngest of four, I've often felt like the only child,
Since everyone left home while I was still in junior high.
Luckily, I landed an internship in DC last year,
And could come out to the east coast to
Hang out with my siblings for one last
Hurrah, before we all really have to grow up
And go our separate ways once again.

Well, the time has come,
And Rob and Lorena have left the east coast
To live in Sweden for the next three years.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad about it.
In fact, I didn't expect to be this sad to say

Rob cried the day I was born.
He wanted a baby brother, not another little sister.
I think I pleased him with the way I turned out.
Not that I turned out to be a boy, that would be trouble.
But I was the sibling that Rob could turn to when he wanted someone to
Beat up. I was tough. I could handle it.

Rob may have cried the day I was born.
So, I just returned the tears the day he and Lorena left.
That's what little sisters are for, right?

My brother and I have a special bond.
I think it's because we have a lot more in common that he expected
He'd have with a little sister.
I'm going to miss having him and Lorena around,
But I'm excited for the adventures they have
Ahead of them.

The next time I see these two, they'll be the proud parents
Of Biggie Smalls (a.k.a. Michael Robert Candrian).
I can't wait to see my big brother as a Dad.
I can't wait to see his sentimental side emerge
As he cradles an infant in his arms.
And quite frankly, it hasn't even been 24 hours since I last saw them,
But I can't wait to get to hang out with them once again.
I'd love when my brother would call me up on a Friday night to go to dinner,
just he and I.
I'd gladly drop any plans I had with friends
To get to hang out with him.
And it's sad that I won't have him as an excuse anymore.

I love you guys, and I miss you like crazy already!
They've been my DC experience,
And it's not going to be the same without them.

Our lives will never be the same from this point on,
But I'm confident that no matter where in the world
Each of my family members ends up,
We'll always remain a close knit family.
Because lets face it, we're all pretty dang cool!

Men in Black...

...with an earpiece, now that's what I call a TURN. ON.

If only every Monday, (actually every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) I could walk into work and be surrounded by these fine looking gentlemen, my life would be a lot more exciting than it already is.

And the obsession I have with secret service agents still lives on.
Having them surround the Ronald Reagan Building on Monday made my day{slash}week. I'm never afraid to walk right up to them and begin chatting away as if we're BFF's. Secrets out, I. WANT. TO. BE. THEM. But, I realized, I'd never be able to focus at work if I they were my colleagues. I'm far too attracted to secret service agents that they'd be nothing more than a distraction in the work place. Let's face it, my emotions would be running wild. Is that wrong?!

Wednesday, July 15

3 in 1

It's not often anyone gets to take a seven week vacation, especially one where your job is still paying you as though you were sitting at your desk for eight hours each day, slaving away. While I was technically working for the six weeks I was in Africa, there were times when my job definitely felt like it was an all paid for vacation. A few complaints may have found their way to my lips. I may have wasted my time here and there, and not basked in the entirety of Botswana's glory like I ought to have. I may have been eager to come home on occasion. But looking back on the experience, it was an incredible journey that, two weeks later, has quickly turned into a memory. This week I woke up to my wake up call from reality, and reality was far more eager to welcome me back than I was willing to accept. Although I've only been back to reality for four days, four days is the longest I've gone with out driving or flying to a different state (or country) in the last four weeks. Now I'm back in the office, sitting at my desk, and staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day, but my mind can't help wonder back to all of this...
My 3 in 1 trip home
Trip #1: n/a
Trip #2:
Island Park, Idaho
Where boating, tubing, waking boarding, 4 wheeling, go-carting (is that a word?), family, and laughing ensued

Trip #3:
San Franciscio, California
Where Giants games, running along the Embarcadero with my Dad, crab sandwiches, Hamburgers at Reds, fresh sourdough bread, Pier 39, and a little bit of heaven took place

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tired after all of my traveling, but I will ensure you all, it's been WELL worth the stinging eyes, constant yawns, and dozing off in meetings.

Thursday, July 2

36 hours later

I'm finally back in America.

Having endured a 10 hour "layover" at home in DC.

And am finally at my final destination...until tomorrow morning, that is.

God Bless America, how I've missed you!

Wednesday, July 1

Day 37.5

In just three short hours I'll be boarding my flight to home numero uno:
Then, it's off to home numero dos.
As tradition would have it:
God Bless America!
I can't wait to be both homes that is.

Day 37

The benefits of being a girl:

It's a amazing what a smile with a touch of courteousness can get you.

The Situation:
We were both checking out of the hotel at the same time, and I overheard him saying he'd be back in 10 days. I instantly thought to myself, he stole my line. In the last month, I've checkd out of the Walmont five different times.

We ended up on the same shuttle to the airport, the same bench, side by side. He started talking to me, and I struggled to gather his words. From Jerusalem, name is Mosha, in English it's Moses, and is here on business. We both ended up checking in for our flights, standing in the same line, side by side. I did my best to understand his explanation to me that my bags would be overweight, and how to avoid paying a large sum of money. I played rearrange with my luggage, while he held my place in line.

We landed in South Africa, and ended up walking down the terminal together, side by side. He offered to carry some of my belongings, and I let him be the gentleman. We finally went our separate ways, he checked in for his flight to what sounded like Ethiopia, but I know that wasn't it, and I checked in for my flight to Washington, DC.

After passing through security 30 minutes later, and making my way towards my gate, I shouldn't have been shocked when we were walking through security, heading towards the gate, side by side.

His business class status was enough to get him free access to the lounge, where free food, drinks, internet, and nice restrooms are in plenty. My messily economy status doesn't have those same benefits. But for $2000 more I could upgrade to business class...I decided to pass. He tried to articulate that he wanted me to come up to the lounge with him, and I tried explaining that I didn't have his same privileges. I went along with it anyway, knowing what his true intentions were.

We entered the lounge, and like predicted, a fee was required for me to pass go. My options; pay $40 US dollars, or R250, which equals to $25 US dollars. I'm still trying to digest why they have two different prices, but either way, I would be entering the lounge. What else do you do on a six hour layover? Bless Mosha for pulling out a $50 bill and granting me free access to internet, food, drinks, and a 10 minute awkward conversation before he had to catch his flight.

Sometimes being a girl comes in handy. Too bad my "charm" didn't snag me an upgrade to business class for my 19 hour flight home. It worked for my 45 minute flight to South Africa.