Tuesday, August 26


Thanks to JoNel Aleccia, a health writer for MSNBC, and my sister for sending me this article, the reasoning behind my sweet tooth addiction is now crystal clear. I should have guessed that the horrible ear infections I'd have as a little girl would end up bitting me hard later. I like to think of myself as tolerable to pain, sometimes too tolerable actually. However, the ear aches I'd get as a little girl left me screaming in tears, now running for sweets, and a future of obesity? Yes on the first two, NO on the latter. Maybe you can blame ear aches for your sweet tooth too. While you're reading the article contemplating this new found knowledge, I'm going running. Obesity and I are not friends, never have been, and never will be.

Tuesday, August 19

Welcome Home

I'm a big advocate of people going on missions. I don't think there is anything better you can do with your time than to serve the Lord. Sometimes I wish I'd gone on a mission, sometimes I think it would be such an incredible experience, sometimes I rather be on a mission working than in the real world working, and then, when I sometimes think of those "sometimes", I remind myself that someday I will serve a mission...when I can have my husband as my companion. Missions are great and the world is in need of devoted missionaries to bring people into the church. However, as much as I love missionaries, I love even more when they come home.Welcome home Sister Schallenberger!!!I'm glad I have friends who are willing to give their time to the Lord, but I love when the Lord can give me back my best friends!

Saturday, August 16

Tell me I'm dreaming

My trip to Utah has been a trip full of unexpected events. In less than 36 hours of being home I got a new job, had surgery, and shipped my car off to DC. Well, there goes wondering what I’m going to be doing with my life in the near future, and whether or not I should stay in Utah or go back to DC. I'm going to be a Health Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for Systems of Nuclear Medicine. Problem solved. Simple as that.

Despite all of the craziness that has occurred since being home, I can’t help but feel blessed for everything that has happened. God really does have his hands in each of our lives and is so mindful of our needs. This simple truth has been manifested to me once again.
Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

We may be college graduates, but you can never be too old for sleepovers. Stephy's wedding festivities. Who would have ever guess I had oral surgery only a few hours earlier? Laughing, eating good food (or attempting to do so), and a dance party were definitely not part of the doctors orders.

My swollen cheek is a little (or a lot) more evident the day after. I don't think the previous days festivities were good for the swelling and bruising. But hey, I wasn't about to miss my friends wedding. After all, that's what I came home for.

Wednesday, August 13

One way ticket

I'm sitting at work right now, too antsy to actually be doing anything, enjoying the imaginations that seem to have taken over my mind. In less than two hours, I'll be sitting on the Metro, patiently awaiting my arrival to the airport. Normally, the thought of going back to Utah leaves me kicking and screaming not to make me go back. Today, I can't wait to go home! I can't wait to see my parents again. I can't wait to see my friends again. I can't wait to see the mountains again. And I can't wait to sleep in my own bed, in my own room, in my own house. No matter where I end up, no matter how far from Utah I'll be, that little bedroom, up the stairs, down the hall, second door on the left, will always be mine. Now, the real question is, should I stay or should I go? My one way ticket home has left the ending of my trip undefined. Maybe I'll come back to DC, maybe I wont. Do I really want to stay in Utah? That's the underlying question at the moment. Coming home for a good friends wedding, hanging out with all of my best friends from college, and indulging myself in familiarity, may make my decision slightly biased. For now, I'm going home, back to the place where I belong...I don't regret this life I chose for me...I'm going home.