Saturday, October 25

Something New

I remember the day we first met. I saw you hiding behind the crowd and I just knew we’d make the best of friends. For a few months you seemed to stick by my side. We’d walk through campus together, sit through class together, and even go home together after a long and tiring day. We were inseparable. I carried your weight on my shoulders, while you carried my life inside of you. We made the perfect pair.

Much to my dismay, time came between us and caused us to go our separate ways. That always seems to happen. The moment I become so attached, the attachment is taken away. It was probably better that way, and thankfully, the distance didn’t last, you were back by my side in no time! Maybe I expected too much from you the instant you were back in my life. You seemed to be carrying more of my weight than ever before, and this time it was through the streets of DC. I seemed to take advantage of our being reunited, and I thought of only my needs, not yours. I was constantly stuffing things into you, without the slightest recollection that you already had enough. You didn’t seem to mind, until I noticed you were becoming rough around the edges. Even then, you didn’t seem to mind. It was as though you felt more needed, more loved, more cared for by everything I was giving you. So giving I did. It wasn’t until the other day you finally told me you had enough.

You were hanging by your last thread, and our days together were coming to an end. Just as I was becoming so used to you, you told me you were through. I knew secret things about you. I knew you inside and out. I knew your strengths and your weaknesses. And I knew that every morning I’d find you by my side. Well, those days are over now, you’ve been replaced. You told me you had enough. So, I took what was mine and left. It wasn’t easy. I spent weeks trying to find someone like you. Nothing ever seemed good enough. Nothing ever seemed strong enough. Nothing ever looked as good as you did. Do you remember how many compliments you’d get? Everyone always admired you, and since you were a gift, I always felt ok with agreeing with them. That makes you hard to replace. But I did it. Last night I found the new you. Purple is the new green!

Thursday, October 16

The Life I Loved

There is nothing I love more than going home to good friends, great parents, and familiar surroundings. Therefore, last weekend was simply amazing.

Every Saturday afternoon when cougar football comes on, I instantly get depressed. Not literally, but I long to be at the games, cheering on my team, amongst a rambunctious crowd of crazy Mormons. It just doesn't get better than that, really, it doesn't. Especially when BYU is highly ranked and seems to destroy whomever they're playing (although, at this very moment I'm watching the BYU/TCU THIS is depressing). I hate being on a losing team, so BYU is always (or usually) in my favor. The east coast isn't. I think LaVell Edwards Stadium and I have equally missed each other, so being the true BYU Alumnist I am, I paid my respects to my beloved home away from home. It just happened to be homecoming week last week too, so it only seem fitting for me to be there.
I may or may not have made an appearance in the LRC and faked being back at work in my Lab Assistant days. The LRC truly was my home way from home!

Naturally there would be blue bunned J-Dawgs at the tailgate party!
Naturally Lauren and I would be wearing matching sweatshirts!
And naturally someone thought we were sisters! I take that as a compliment.

#1, Fui Vakapuna. We would have dated if I didn't move back east. :)

Lauren, BryBry, and I way too excited to be at the game. BryBry and I both flew home to see our cougars.
We're true blue through and through!

Nothing says welcome home than 45 degree weather in the middle of October. And yes, it snowed while I was there, and then proceeded to be 70 degrees two days later!

Sadly my camera remained in my bag the rest of the trip, and an entertaining night has no true documentation. Cafe Rio, hanging out with some old friends, and an embarrassing game of catch phrase, all made for an AWESOME Saturday. I just love Provo. I realized if I were back at school, it wouldn't be the same. I may no longer have status as a BYU student, but I'll always have rock star status whenever I visit Provo!
I hate upsets, the destruction of a perfect record, and a 16 game winning streak being destroyed! It's just like BYU to lose on the road. That's depressing too.

Thursday, October 9

Mmm Mmm I'm Lovin' It

Dear McDonalds,

I don't know the last time I was conned into eating your food. I'm thankful for that.

Please tell me how you've esteemed yourself to be sprawled across the entire world, clogging one artery at a time? I just don't understand?

In this time of financial crisis I wish you'd go bankrupt too. Only I wish the government would be wise enough to leave you ruined.

You don't deserve the worlds business. Perhaps if you were serving us real food, the kind that comes from animals and plants, I might think otherwise.

You tell me that you're dedicated to serving me the highest quality of foods. But alas, you've contaminated our food with chemicals, convincing us that it's Mmm Mmm good.

Where is the quality in that?

I see right through your cunning ways. I wont be fooled for one second.

We may have been friends when I was a child, but only because I didn't know any better.

Please tell me how you sleep at night, knowing this is what you're serving thousands of people on a daily basis?

You should be ashamed of yourself.


Baffled and dismayed

Wednesday, October 8

Wednesday's Words of Wonder

When I should have been working, my mind was thinking of other things...

Running, one mile left, past the point of exhaustion, and a man with weights on his back sprints past me. Am I THAT out of shape? Or is he just a showoff

Changes in your ranks
#12 most desired (gained 2 places)
#13 most useful (lost 4 places)
#45 person with the prettiest eyes (lost 13 places)
Thank you facebook, and my many cyber friends for thinking SO highly of me and lowering my standings. Why in the world are people being compared on facebook? Who are these people who actually take time to compare their friends? And what do people do with this information anyway? Maybe I should start telling people, "According to facebook, I may have lost 4 places for being the most useful, and 13 places for having the prettiest eyes, but I've gained 2 places making me the 12th most desired." Will that entice someone to want to date/befriend me? I would sure hope so.

The restrooms in my building have signs in each stall that reads, "Please flush toilet. Repeat if necessary." Isn't that just common sense? Common courtesy?

Is it ironic, or just bad luck that the creepy man who stared at me on the bus the other day has been in the same metro car as me the past few days? Not just the same train, but the same car? Creepy!