Thursday, January 28

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

After much anticipation for my long awaited trip to Oklahoma City, (eight days to be exact), I find out that OKC is under extreme weather watch due to ice storms sweeping through the state. Flight cancellations and all...awesome!Perhaps I won't be going to OKC tonight. Not so awesome.

Monday, January 25


Two weekends ago I was enjoying hanging out with this fine looking man:

This weekend I got to babysit this little guy,
Who can gladly fall asleep in my arms anytime he'd like:

This coming weekend I get to see him again.
4 more days to be exact.
Weekends never come fast enough, or last long enough either.

The following weekend will be spent fussing over him some more:

As luck would have it, the next weekend I'll be with him once again.

And to continue on with this lovely routine,
I'll spend the week after that babysitting him again for a few days.
I'm glad I have such an adorable distraction every other weekend:

Now the real question is, to keep this routine going,
Do we think I could convince him to come spend another weekend with me again...

... Before we head here for a week?

Whoever said dating long distance is hard, was sorely mistaken.
In fact, it kind of sucks, but at least we have good excuses to travel.
You can't go wrong there!
Thank goodness at least one of us has a full-time job.
I'll leave the books to him.

Looks like I have a new routine in place, and I think I'm ok with that.

Wednesday, January 20

356 Days Ago...

...I stood in front of the Capitol and watched a moment of history unfold, as our 44th president was sworn into office. The first black president for the United States. People were happy, people were excited, and people believe that "change" was on it's way. A year later, I don't think America is feeling that same way they felt 365 days ago. Am I surprised? Surprisingly, no!

...I had never left the Northern America region. Never flow across the Atlantic. And never been to another continent. Heck, I didn't even own a passport. 365 days later, six countries can be checked off my's not much, but it's a start.

...I was wishing one of my siblings would have a baby so I could be an aunt. 365 days later I got not one, but two adorable nephews.

...I was thinking that I'm 23 years old and wanted my own bedroom. As much fun as it can be sharing a room with my older sister, it's much more fun to have a room to myself. So, 365 days later I have my own room, in a mansion, with five other girls. It may be the coldest room in the house, but at least it's my own.

...I was probably thinking I was in need of a vacation. I'm always in need of a vacation! 356 days later I've had more vacations, more adventures, and more good times than I ever could have imagined. I love making money!

...I was reflecting on my college days, and thinking that that I was just about to finish up my last semester of college, and couldn't wait to be done with homework forever! 365 days later, I'm beginning my first post-college graduate course. It's only one class, but it's a class nonetheless.

...I was driving an American made car with an obnoxious blinker. 365 days later, I proudly sport a 4Runner, my dream car (minus the fact that it doesn't have a sunroof). And yes, a worldly possession such as this makes me happy.

...I was still thinking that the boy from my computer lab days at BYU, who had a girlfriend, and lived far far away, was cute. 365 days later, I'm now his girlfriend, yet he still lives far far away. Go figure!

...I was longing to be at the beach. 365 days later, the longing is still there.

The past 365 days have been full of change, adventure, and excitement, but also full of disappointment, hardships, and a wake up call to reality. A lot can happen in 365 days. I can only imagine what the next 365 days will bring.

Thursday, January 14

Shiba Inu Temperament

A phone conversation at work today went something like this:

Me: Hi, I'm trying to find an updated Post Call Forwarding list, the current one I have is from 2006
HelpDesk: We generally get our list off of the intranet, do you want me to direct you where to go?
Me: That would be great
HelpDesk: If you, {insert all of the links to get to said list}. Actually, why don't I just send you the link, that will be easier.

The email pops up in my inbox with this link:

HelpDesk: Ok, click on that link, then scroll down to the Post Call Forwarding link
Me: Um {pure confusion going on}...sorry, but where did you say you wanted me to go?
HelpDesk: Scroll down to the bottom where it says "Post Call Forwarding"
Me: Are you sure this is the right website? There's a picture of a dog...
HelpDesk: {After a long pause, laughter breaks out} Wow, my face just turned three shades darker.
Me: {Laughing hysterically on the other fact, I'm still laughing}

It's good to know I'm not alone in wasting time while at work. Unless you consider reading, "Shiba Inu Temperament- The Good and the Bad", not wasting time?

Tuesday, January 12

Days of the Past

12 days into the new year
19 days post Christmas
48 days since Thanksgiving
And 50 days since I've been back in the country

Which means:

50 days of feeling perplexed
48 days since I fulfilled a dream
19 days ago Christmas didn't feel like Christmas
and 12 days of realizing this year will be unlike any other
Change is in store, and that's a good thing!

Friday, January 8

Love is all you need

I'm blogging again about work,
but not to tell you all that I'm headed back to Africa in the near future.
When I see things like this,
It makes me excited about what I do.
And makes me love organizations who are equally doing their part
To help out all of those who are infected with HIV/AIDS in Africa.
So, here's to you Starbucks,
For helping out a struggling Continent.

This video is slightly cheesy,
But, for your enjoyment,
Here are some renditions of,
"All You Need is Love"

Some are definitely more entertaining than others.
So, enjoy!