Friday, September 30

Thoughts on sharing a birthday

I put this on my other blog today, but I figured birthday's only come around once a year, so why not really shout it to the whole world that today's mine AND my hubby's birthday.

Whenever I tell people that John and I have the same birthday, people typically think it's cool for all of 2 seconds before they start feeling bad that we have to share our day. It's bizarre to me why people would feel bad about this. I mean, I guess I get it, but still, sharing your birthday with your husband is awesome, not terrible. It's like a double holiday for us, and we both get to feel "important" for 24 hours together. I kind of love it. And it's kind of awesome.

Our favorite thing to do is pretend we're being overly nice to each other by doing overly nice things for each other by saying, "ok, but only because it's your birthday." Yeah, we think we're kind of funny that way.

To make sharing our birthday's even better, we've actually contemplated having all of our children born on September 30th, too. We'll let you know how that goes...

Oh, and if you were looking for  a good workout this weekend, just go run a few miles (at least 3, ok?) for me outside, if you weather is anything like here, it's PERFECT fall running weather. That can be your birthday gift to me!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 29

Thursday Wish List

1, 2, 3, 4
I have a gift card to DSW that I have to use by tomorrow, otherwise, it's SOL. I never say no to getting a new pair of shoes, but the only problem is, I'm having a hard time finding a pair that I actually love. When have I not found a pair of shoes that I love? Right. When I can actually get a pair.

I've narrowed down my choices, although, I do have to say, I'm not totally crazy about any of these. Should I be? Help me pick a pair, will ya? Do you love any of these? Or, should I just go back to the drawing board? Did that just feel like we played 21 questions? No way, right?

Tuesday, September 27

Hump day

Shirt: Ross, Pants: Loft (similar), Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider, Scarf and Necklace: F21
I feel like today is my hump day, because we're headed out of town on Thursday, which can't come soon enough. The weather is finally nice here, but that doesn't mean I'm not excited to leave this state for a few days. But what am I talking about, I'm always excited to leave this state and go on vacation, especially when it means I'm going home. Which is kind of confusing since this is home now. But my my real home, you know, where I spent 20 years of life, that's really home, and I don't think any place else will ever come close.

Oh Utah, how I've missed you. And let me tell you, those are words that I don't speak very often, but I suppose being away from home for over a year forces them out of me, and surprisingly enough, I think I'm ok with that.

Monday, September 26

Weekend date

Saturday afternoon my hubby took me on a date to the state fair, where classy people watching and fried food are aplenty. I'm not sure if it's the food, or knowing that the finer people of the state will be out in full force that is more appealing about the fair, but either way, it's always a good time.

My heart was set on the ferris wheel, while hubby's was set on a fried twinkie. Being the mean wife I am, I merely mentioned he needed to take a good look around him before he decided he truly wanted to waste spend $6 on a heart attack. Thank goodness that was said after our ferris wheel ride. Apparently that comment was enough to crushed his fair dreams that day. And here I was thinking I was doing him a favor. Thank goodness there's always next year, right?

What did you do this weekend? Did anyone try running stadiums? I hope you're still sore if you did!

Someone asked me how long I usually run stadiums for? I'd say I typically spend between 30-40 minutes running a few sets from start to finish. The stairs I run are SUPER steep, so I only do two sets and it still takes me that long, but I think it's safe to say these stairs equate to double the length of a normal stadium. I hope that helps.

Friday, September 23

Weekend Workout Series

Shoes: Nike Free XT
Every Saturday morning, you will find me and my hubby at the middle school behind our house, running stadiums. Most people view stadiums as torture. As do I, but it's torture that I LOVE to inflict upon myself because it's one of the best workouts you will ever get. Ever!

It combines cardio with a major glute (buns) and gastrocnemius (calf) toning workout, not to mention you're going to burn a butt load (pun intended) of calories.

So, go find some stairs this weekend and run your heart out, your buns and legs will thank you, I promise!

Thursday, September 22

Thursday Wish List

via polyvore
Oh how I love this outfit, but not for the price. Some day I'll have money...

Tuesday, September 20


Maxi: Target, Jacket: Express Blues (ions and ions ago...pretty sure it's from 7th grade), Belt: Target, Shoes: Madden Girl via DSW
My favorite thing about this dress, besides the fact that I don't have to shave my legs when I'm wearing it {gasp}, it's that I'm pretty sure it's intended to be worn as a swimsuit cover up. When I bought it back in April,  I found it nicely hanging next to all of the swimsuits. Which makes me feel like my assumption is more or less true than it would be had this dress been hanging up at the other end of the store, where normal clothes were displayed.

I like clothes that serve more than one purpose apparently. It's more bang for your buck that way!

Monday, September 19


Sweater: Express, Shirt: JCrew, Skirt: Made by me, Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: DSW, Earrings: F21
I have a stash of projects that stare at me everyday, begging to get done. Alas, I just stare right back and walk away. Until this past week, I finally took a few untouched projects to town and whipped up something that I'm at least proud enough of I dared wear it in public. Every time I looked down, I laughed that I was wearing the fabric that was intended to recover my ottoman. But thankfully, I don't think I was walking around looking like a couch cushion all day, so I figured it was ok.

Making the skirt wore me out, so the rest of the weekend we just sat around, watched football, and ate delicious food. I think that's how weekends are supposed to be spent, being lazy and eating good food. And now it's back to work, where life isn't quite as exciting.

Happy Monday morning!

Friday, September 16

Weekend Workout Series

This is one of my favorite routines to do after a good run (or any cardio for that matter) because it's a great way to add a little strength training into your workout.

This is the 3, 2, 1 approach to muscle toning.

30 basic crunches
30 side crunches (each side)
30 second plank
30 push-ups
30 dumbbell curls
30 triceps dips

1 minute break (or, to up the calorie burn, do jumping jacks for a minute)

repeat each set doing 20 of each

1 minute break

repeat each set doing 10 of each

And that is what I call the 3, 2, 1 approach. Your abs and arms will thank you for this one, promise!

Thursday, September 15

Thursday Wish List

This is definitely a wish list outfit, seeing that the shoes along cost around oh, $1,130. I think this is an outfit that could be easily recreated out of your own closet though. Perhaps next week, when I start wearing more than just pj's all day long, I'll try it out. 

And this is why I shouldn't work from home, I find no motivation to get ready for the day. My poor husband.

Friday, September 9

Weekend Workout Series

Yesterday morning on my run, I felt like I had an epiphany of sorts, and my mind couldn't stop racing with ideas, no pun intended. 

Aside from loving fashion, I probably love working out just a little more. Health and wellness are my passion, always have been, and hopefully always will be. I'm kind of a sucker for a good workout, and enjoy getting all sweaty and pushing myself to the max. Finding new workouts excites me, especially when they're really good.

So, Friday's I'm going to start featuring a weekend workout series, and give you all a fabulous workout you can do over the weekend to get your booty in shape, off the couch, and feeling all nice and healthy like. Who am I to qualify to give you a good workout? No, I'm not a personal trainer (at least not yet), but I did work at fat camp, so I think that qualifies me, right? 

I've mentioned this workout before on my other blog, but it really is that good that I'm kicking this series off with this one. So, without further ado, here is this weekends workout. I found it off of this blog, and after doing it a few times and loving it, I've modified it a bit to make it that much better.
  • 3 1/2 laps, jog
  • 1/2 lap, sprint
  • 1 lap, jog
  • 15 burpees
  • 15 bench push ups
  • 1 lap, jog
  • 15 walking lunges with back kick & knee lift
  • 15 jump squats
  • 1 lap, jog
  • 30 bench tricep dips
  • 1/2 lap, jog
  • 1/2 lap, sprint
  • 45 squats & jab
  • 45 mountain climbers
  • 1/2 lap, light jog
  • 1/2 lap, sprint
  • 30 tricep dips
  • 30 modified push ups
  • 2 laps, jog
  • 1 cool down lap, walk
If you dare try it out, let me know how you did.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 8

Thursday Wish List

I've decided to make Thursday my wish list day, so, here are just a few of the things I've been eyeing this week:

What do you have your eye on?

Wednesday, September 7

Clearly not 21

Shirt: Banana Republic, Sweater: Ross, Jeans: Banana Republic, Belt: Thrifted, Feather Earrings: F21 (similar)
While at the mall last night, I mentioned to the hubby that I wanted to stop by a store to check something out. When we got to the store, and he realized what store I was actually talking about, he took one look at me, laughed, told me I'm too old to shop there, and proceeded to mock me the rest of the time we were shopping. Perhaps Forever 21 is for high school teeny boppers, but where else am I supposed to get feather earrings for a whopping $3?

Stealing feathers off of the birds in our backyard isn't an option.

Why I actually needed feather earrings is beyond me, but after seeing them in the store last weekend, I couldn't get my mind off of them. And that right there means it's ok to go back and buy, it clearly wasn't impulsive. The giraffe shirt wouldn't have been either, but unfortunately (or fortunately), I couldn't find it in the store. I think my hubby is grateful for that. He was kind of hoping for rhino's instead.

So, to punish him---yes, sometimes 27 year olds need punishing--for all of his mockery tonight, I cheated by making this for dinner instead of something homemade and delicious. Sadly, I don't think he minded one bit. 

Tuesday, September 6

Tuesday the new Monday

Skirt: Thrifted, Shirt: Thrifted, Sweater: Express, Shoes: DSW

This past weekend taught me a few things: I need long weekends as much as I need air. They're essential for my survival. And, if only every work week could begin with Tuesday and end with half day Friday's, life would be a little bit sweeter. Too bad that's only this week and then it's back to normal five day workweeks until Thanksgiving. Yikes. That seems like a long time to go without a break. Which is why I have a vacation planned in a few weeks. Who was I kidding to think I could actually make it until then without a day or two, or five off?

Summer may be over, but vacations sure aren't! 

Monday, September 5

Straight to Fall

Shirt: H&M, Pants: H&M, Shoes: DSW (similar), Necklace/Earrings:Gift
The hubby and I ran stadiums this morning, why I love torturing myself like that I will never know, but it is what it is, and I'm kind of obsessed. I went out in shorts and a tank top, like I do everyday, but lo and behold I was shivering the whole time. It took until the last five minutes to actually work up a sweat, usually it's in the first five seconds. It was a nice change, but now I'm starting to wonder if I'm really ready for summer to be over already?

Fall is upon us here in the OK. There was no gradual change in the weather this year. It was blistering hot one day, cold the next. And now I turn to the shower to warm me up!

We're off on a picnic. Enjoy your Labor Day!

Sunday, September 4

Day 21

Wear a killer outfit

Here's the Look:
Shirt: Gift, Pants: Thrifted, Shoes: Old Navy, Necklace: Gift
I don't know if this outfit constitutes itself as a killer or not, but when I tell you those pants only cost me $4, I feel like it's justified as one.

We fell asleep to pouring rain and the sounds of thunder last night, and woke up to overcast skies and 66 degree weather. Yesterday it was 100 degrees. We went straight from the heat of the summer, to a crisp fall overnight. And it's lovely.

I almost feel the need to go put on a big sweater, curl up in a blanket, sip hot chocolate, and read a good book. Fall is upon us, and I'm hoping it's here to stay.

Well, the 21 day challenge is finally over. And by finally, I mean it's time to let regular programming resume and it's back to getting dressed on my own. Stick around awhile why don't cha.

Saturday, September 3

Day 20

Wear Sunday Shoes:

Here's the Look:
Jacket: Roxy, Shorts: F21, Shoes: Nordstrom, Jewelry: Gifts
I figured I should showcase my real self every now and then on this little blog, right? Well, that last picture about sums it up. That's a typical "Amy face" right there. Now that we have that out of the way, we can proceed.

For all of you cat haters out there, I hope this doesn't make you like me any less. But, look, he matched my outfit and was basically begging to be part of my picture. He keeps the mice away, and I like cats. Deal with it!

In other news, aren't those shoes just fabulous? They were bridesmaids shoes for my dear friend Steph's wedding a few years back, we all had matching shoes, not dresses, it was lovely. Every time I wear these shoes, I always feel a little sassy and bold, and for that, and many other reasons, they will always remain one of my most favorite pairs of shoes. Bold and sassy just call to me.

Oh, and lest I forget, go Cougs!

Friday, September 2

Day 19

Wear something on your head

Here's the look:

Maxi worn as skirt: Target, Shirt: Ross, Earrings/Necklace: Gift, Scarf remix item: Grandma's (bonus for me, I wore it four times during the challenge)

I'm unleashing my inner hippie today and thinking the 60's and I could have been great friends. Great friends I tell ya!

So, last night I took dinner to a lady I go to church with, and I've decided there's nothing better than engaging in conversations with the elderly.  In fact, every morning while I'm getting ready at the gym, I overhear conversations by all of the ladies who are off to water aerobics. They don't know it, but every morning I walk away feeling inspired by their words of wisdom. I just love the elderly, but I'm not looking forward to getting old. Not one bit.

Have you chatted it up with any elderly lately? Aren't they just the cutest things, ever?! It sure makes me miss all of my grandparent's. If yours are still around, call them up right now! You won't regret it, promise!

Kind of random, I know, but whatever, it's Friday!

And because it's Friday, my husband and I totally busted out this song this morning. Bless her heart, it's so annoying!

Thursday, September 1

Day 18

Statement Jewelry 

Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Hollister, Statement item: Made by me, following this tutorial, Broach: Thrifted 
Look, I don't own any real statement jewelry, so I made up my own, so what? If I owned statement jewelry, you can best be sure I'd walk around making statements everywhere I go. Oh wait, I already do that, I have red hair and I'm five foot eight and almost always wear heels. Yep, I can never get lost in a crowd. That's a good and very bad thing, let me assure you of that.

Maybe one day I'll own a fabulous piece of jewelry that will draw attention and say, BAM look at me, and it won't include an old t-shirt that's strewn about my neck! Rather, something classy and really worth my money. I love me some class, can't you tell? But until I'm worthy of such things, I'll stick to the things my momma blessed me with and we'll call it good. And let's be clear here, I'm not referring to that old t-shirt.