Sunday, December 27

Where Am I?

Which is more normal?

Or this?I can't ever say I've eaten In-n-Out in 12 degree weather before,
Until last night anyway.
I'm not so sure what Utah's trying to become these days,
But I' think they've finally gone too far.

Tuesday, December 22

Soaring Through the Sky...

A lot of people hate Delta right about now, a lot of east coasters anyway. 
After the massive snow storm, Delta conveniently experienced delayed/cancelled flights, overbooked
 flights, or no flights at all. 
However, I some how bypassed all of the craziness and am happily sitting on the plane on my way home for the holiday's.
 And the best part of all, I get to watch this on my flight while writing this post. 
I love technology and I love BYU football!

But I'll be honest, I'll be pleasantly surprised if they actually win. 

Sunday, December 20

Love, The Candrians

Thanks to my talented sister, here is another Candrian Family video.
Yes, be excited you get to view our lovely faces for the next 5 minutes. 
I like to think we're a rather enjoyable bunch. 


Winter Wonderland Part 2

Well, the DC weatherman predicted correctly, 
And those 8-12 inches of snow not only fell, but fell hard, and doubled in precipitation.

I may have not heeded the traffic advisories and stayed in doors yesterday,
But if you had a new car with four-wheel drive, you'd want to test it out in the snow too.
And test it out I did. 
I love making smart purchases. 

I wasn't too prideful in zooming past those small car people who were getting stuck in the snow though,
I'd just pull over to the side of the road, everyone would jump out, give a little push,
And we'd all be happily on our way once again.

Naturally, Washingtonians freaked out at yesterday's blizzard. 
Church was cancelled.
Flights were delayed.
Lines at the airport outrageous.
Abandoned vehicles adorned the roads.
And even after a beautifully sunny Sunday, 
With blue skies and not a cloud in sight,
Work, too, is cancelled for tomorrow.

Washington, I kind of love what snow does to you.
I'll gladly take being forced into a lazy state for one more day. 
Just don't interfere with my flight home on Tuesday, or things might get ugly. 

Friday, December 18

Winter Wonderland

They say a storm is making it's way to DC tonight, leaving the city covered in white.

I may be a bit skeptical about this storm. Washingtonians are a bit extreme when it comes to storms, they freak out just thinking it might snow. But secrets out, I hope the predicted 8-12 inches that will blanket the city tomorrow is true. It's just not Christmas time without feeling like "I'm walking in a winter wonderland."


Tuesday, December 15

Christmas Miracle

Have you ever had those moments when Friday night rolls around, you have options of festivities to choose from, and the only thing you want to do is crawl into bed, close your eyes, and go to sleep? Good, me too, and this weekend, that's all I wanted to do. Two weeks of constantly being tired is getting kind of old. So, crawling into bed, and finally getting a good nights rest, sounded like my ideal festivity. But, something told me I needed to go out and be social, even if it was against my will. So, I was good and complied.

An 11pm phone call rushed me home to the sight of this:

Thanks to our observant neighbors, we discovered our house was full of carbon dioxide. Awesome! Thanks to these studly firefighters, we learend that had we all stayed home last night, we wouldn't have woken up in the morning. Not so awesome!

Thank goodness for tender mercies and being alive! That's my kind of Christmas miracle. 

Monday, December 14

Dreams Do Come True

Jet lag,
Being back in the states for less than 24 hours,
An encouraging sister (and parents in their own way),
A need to get to Richmond, VA for Thanksgiving,
A childhood dream,
And the end result equals a big purchase.
What's a girl to do with all her money than make a childhood dream come true?

Good bye old!

Hello new!

My Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentines/Easter/and Birthday present to myself!
I kept this big purchase from my parents until last weekend,
I wanted them to see my big purchase first hand.
My Mom's words, "Oh brother"
My Dad, he just wanted to drive it.
I think that means they approve.
One dream down, a few more in the works.

Friday, December 11


Recently everyday I feel just like this...
I decided long ago, that wherever I end up in life, sunny, warm, pleasant weather must always be present.
Bitter, cold, miserable, numbing weather, just doesn't do it for me.

Thursday, December 10

How Do You Cure ADD?

Any ideas? I thought once I got back from being gone for nearly 6 weeks things would calm down, I’d revamp my life, and I’d be good to go for another 6 months or so, before I felt the need to start this crazy cycle all over again. Instead, since day one when I stepped off the plane from Africa and back onto American soil, I’ve been ON.THE.GO! No time for sleep, barely enough time to clean my room, and far too much time spent running from one place to the next. And then they tell me Christmas is a few weeks away, and my world gets all mumbled and confusing. I’m still trying to remember that Thanksgiving has come and gone, and is no longer coming, unless 11 months away is “coming”. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it wasn't too long ago that I was basking in hot, humid, sunny weather, but hot, humid, sunny weather and all, it’s still December, it’s still the Christmas season, and I’ve just been slightly thrown off from enduring my various weather extremes. This isn’t a plea to pity me please, my life is hard, my life is stressful, my life is too demanding. It’s more a plea to ask time to slow down just a little bit so I can actually breathe in, rest up, calm down, and most importantly, CONCENTRATE. But at last, I suppose that’s what Christmas break is for, because time is not permitting otherwise. I’m here one second, gone the next. It’s tough growing up, when’s retirement?

Since November 25th I’ve been cold, freezing in fact. Why did winter have to roll in so quickly? The only time I feel warm lately is when I’m sweating at the gym, great visual, I know.

Thanksgiving, spent in the blessed town of Richmond, VA

Lauren and I at the National Christmas Tree Lighting. Hanging out with Obama, while the First Lady read to us" 'Twas the Night Before Christmas".

John came to visit, so we took a day trip up to the Big Apple, where enduring every form of awesome weather Mother Nature decided to shower us with was in full effect. Even in horrendous weather, the crowds never dwindle.

Beauty at it's finest.

I love Christmas time!

Friday, December 4

Meet Chuck

This post is four days overdue, but with all the hustle and bustle that's been going on in my life since returning to the good ol' U. S. of A., I've barely had time to sleep, let alone blog.  

After 24 years of waiting to be an aunt, my wishes came true back in September when this little guy joined the family.

And just a few months later, Michael gets a cousin, and I get to be an aunt once again! 
I met this little guy a few hours after he was born, and I have to say he's rather adorable.

When I left the hospital Monday night, a name had not yet been decided, and while I know a name has finally been chosen, my sister has yet to officially inform ME of that!

So, until I hear otherwise, I'll just continue to call him Chuck, the nickname he was given the day we found out she was pregnant. 

Congrats Britt and Brian, Chuck is one lucky little boy to have you two as parents.  

Wednesday, December 2

Africa, Nike, Soccer, AIDS

After my first trip to Africa in May, and my second just last month, I've fallen in love with Africa. With the people. With their culture.

From my ugly Nike shirt days as a teenager, to my passion for browsing through any Nike store, and vowing to myself (and myself only) that the only running shoes I will ever own will be Nike's, I've always considered myself to be a Nike girl through and through. I even felt guilty when I bought my first pair of asics just a few months ago...which gave me blisters. Nike's have NEVER done that to me.

Soccer and I were friends when I was little. I played intramural in college. I love watching a good soccer match. And I love the passion that the Africans have for the game.

I don't normally blog about my job, unless I'm blogging to inform all of you (whomever all of you may be) about an upcoming trip, or the cool things I get to experience when I'm in Africa for work. But seeing that yesterday was World AIDS Day, and I work for the office of HIV/AIDS, I thought this was simply fitting.

Combine Africa, Nike, Soccer, and HIV/AIDS, and I give you why I love Africa, Nike, Soccer, and working for an organization that's dedicated to educating, treating, and preventing HIV/AIDS throughout the world.

USAID is funding part of Nike's grassroots soccer approach during next years World Cup in South Africa. I wonder if "working" with Nike will enable me to have an employee discount?