Sunday, August 30

Tourist Spotting

Staring at the Directory with luggage in tow, let me guess, you're not from here?

What Not to Wear

We have all had those days of staring blankly into our closets wondering what to wear. Nothing seems to catch our eye, fit our mood, or smell clean, leaving us to often times settle on the quickest thing we can put our hands on. However, it's a safe bet that regardless of what we settle on wearing, it's never quite to these extremes, I give you/beg you, What NOT to wear:

Exhibit #1
While sundresses are the popular thing for the hot summer months,
A dress covering little of your body may not be the best option,
Especially to a wedding.
Unless you're Halle Berry, she can get away with anything.
Even then, she'd probably think twice before putting this piece of cloth on.

Exhibit #2
The Mini Skirt
While mini skirts were the fashion trend of the 60's
And are quickly seeping back into the 21st century,
It doesn't mean that they can or should be worn,
Especially if they're lacy and skanky.
The phrase "anything goes these days" shouldn't always be true.

Exhibit #3
The Wife Beater
Another classic summer look that should be left in the closets.
The knee high socks-basketball shorts-wife beater tank-top-tennis shoes and I have a big boom box so it's okay look.
DC, a.k.a "the hood"

Exhibit #4
School Girl
Socks, shoes, and a skirt,
Just not a good combo.
At least she was smart and knew to forgo the pigtails.

While I may not be considered a fashion expert, I think I'd make a great fashion critic.

Wednesday, August 26

Inside the Mind

She walked out of the building, telling everyone in sight to have a good weekend. Wednesday is her Friday. I longed to be her today.

Contentment has vanished from me, and my magical powers can’t seem to ‘poof’ it back to where it belongs.

When did walking down the streets of DC, with the Capitol, White House, Treasury, and Washington Monument in view, do nothing to spark my fancy?

Her life’s not real, not realistic, no realism involved. Just words that are too good to be true to the envious bystanders who continue to read on.

Is the grass really greener on the other side?

Still searching for the unknown.

Wishing I understood the meaning of responsibility, didn’t eat chocolate at 9:30 in the morning, wasn’t so good at day dreaming, didn’t care what other people think, and remembered that I live a good life, and I do what I want.

Monday, August 17

Mother's Know Best

Monday: generally the most dreaded day of the week since entering real world/work life. In college, I loved Monday’s. I loved going back to campus, seeing thousands of students, and secrets out, I generally loved sitting in class and learning, I just hated the tests portion of college.

Back to real life: I dread Monday’s. I don’t look forward to having zero free time between 8 am-5pm (although, as of late, those eight hours have been nothing but free time for front of a computer screen anyway), which is generally very boring. I don’t look forward to being a prisoner on the 5th floor of the RRB.

Today: Bad mood and grumpy.

Solution: My dear mother, aware of said mood, told me to listen to this. Although cheesy at times, it's not surprising at all that something so simple could be just what I was needing to hear. Cheesy EFY songs, past BYU Devotionals, General Conference talks, round table discussions. The gospel is powerful!

Now: I still don’t love today, but at least my attitude has improved.

Friday, August 14

Crystal Clear

Certain things in life are ever so apparent,
second guessing yourself is entirely unnecessary.
Take dry weather and humid weather.
No questioning is needed, it's ever so apparent.
West coast living and east coast living. Basically two entirely different worlds.
Even Northern California and 'So. Cal', as they like to say,
May be the same state, but definitely aren't the same place.
Being in America versus living in a foreign country.
We Americans are so spoiled.
West coast Mexican food (the good stuff), or east coast Mexican food.
I know, it baffles me too that the east coast struggles with this cuisine.
Public transportation or driving yourself. If that's not blatantly obvious!
Not that I need to compare the two, but I give driving myself a 10
And public transportation a two, maybe a three if I'm feeling generous.
So, today when I accidentally got on the Green line train,
Lets just say, I knew I wasn't headed for home.

{I apologize if you don't live in DC and don't understand this realization.
But trust me, when I asked my friend, with hesitation in my voice,
"Are we sure this is the yellow line?"
Second guessing ourselves was entirely unnecessary.}


I hate McDonalds,
But this billboard...
'I'm lovin' it'

Identity Crisis

Not by myself, but by individuals encompassing the metropolitan region.
A city I once thought was classy is starting to prove me wrong.
A world where people go to the extreme just to be different.
Why can’t we all just be the loosest sense even?
Maybe I just don’t understand because my normality isn’t loose enough?
Perhaps I’m too critical and like finding reason to be an arbitrator.
Or, perhaps the real reason is, people are just weird, simple as that.
At least her hair matches her shirt.
If that’s a fashion statement, maybe I should wear red more often.
Although, that's much more than a fashion statement.
It's a fashion error.
My fashion statement is wearing shorts to work.
So maybe that’s where I’m weird?

Wednesday, August 5


Ever since last Saturday when Andrea and I spent the entire day shopping, only to return home with a car too full to fit all of our stuff, we made a bet with each other to see who could go the longest without spending any money.

While the bet is still going on, I'd like to think I won.
Today she broke down and bought salsa, claiming it's for
her co-workers birthday party tomorrow,
and I broke down and went sailing.

My disclaimer is that I was told it would be free,
and I didn't actually pay for it.
I also didn't have my wallet on me,
which makes not spending money really easy.

$ way, sailing down the Potomac River was worth every cent,
or lack there of.

Sailing, it's a dream come true...literally!