Saturday, October 31

Welcome to Dar

Dar es Salaam just opened my eyes to a world that I've never experienced, and one I probably never truly will. Only through bits and pieces gathered from my observation, and through eyes of someone who doesn't quite understand what I saw today, will I ever get to experience a life unlike anything I've ever known. If for nothing but my own humility, I'm grateful for opportunities like today's, to be exposed to the normality of far too many people living in this world, and to be reminded that, although I'm just a simple girl, living a simple life in Washington, DC, I have far too much to be grateful for.


The eyes of the children get me every time:

Friday, October 30

Where in the World is She

Just a little continent hopping at the moment. 
Makes life exciting. No dull moments here. 
One day I'll be dull and boring. But not today. 
Because today, I'm embracing moments like this:
Where I get to lounge by the pool side, and stare out to the indian ocean.
Makes rewinding, after a long four hour work day,
So much more enjoyable.

I wish the view from my hotel window looked out to this,

Instead, my view depicts something similar to this

Which allows me to watch massai warrior open the gate 
to only those he deems eligible 
to enter the grounds of 

From a winteresque fall in Sweden, 
to a prolonged summer for me here in Tanzania 
Happy Hallows Eve to all!
{A maasaii warrior would make a great halloween costume.
You're welcome for the idea!}

Thursday, October 29

Stay Put

Remember last year, when a past incident came back to haunt me,
leaving me with this awesome smile for a few hours?

And remember how it wasn't all that funny at the time,
but it's semi-hilarious now?
Yeah, I remember too.

Let's hope it doesn't happen again this year.
Because with my luck,
and my intuition that keeps worrying me,
it will fall out while I'm here in Africa,
and that has great potential to be semi-mortifying.

Sunday, October 25


Two hour departure delay out of Sweden=
Missed connection flight in Amsterdam=
Direct flight to Tanzania in the morning=
KLM Airlines putting me in the Marriott for the night=
Me eating dinner with the roommates via video chat=
I love technology+
Me wearing the same outfit two days in a row=
Yes, the same underwear too=
It's only sick if I had an extra pair to change in to, and didn't, right?

Hej da Sweden

The dreaded day, of a good vacation coming to an end, has come. Today, I have to turn and say goodbye, leaving my family behind. Today, I will embark on my own adventure, solo. Come tomorrow, I have to regain responsibility. Tomorrow, I will be in another foreign land. Today,  my fall ends. Tomorrow, I will be warm. 

Until then, I'm going to love this little boy just a little bit longer, whines and all. 
Because the next time I see him, he won't remember who I am. 
If that's not heartbreaking, I don't know what is?

Thank goodness I've already gained the "favorite aunt" status. 
That's a right given to the first aunt to visit. 
Even if he doesn't remember who I am.


Tack sa mycket for the memories, see you next year.

Friday, October 23

Sweden's Fall Foliage

Today was another picturesque day in Sweden, even in her cold, crisp fall air.

Entertaining the photographer (and ourselves) one photo at a time#1







I've fallen in love with fall all over again!


Thursday, October 22


She's been waiting for this day for FAR too long.
The day she can finally be called Grandma!
She's loving every minute of it.

Until...the "deadly" cough came along...

...and then things got ugly.
But only for a day.

Then, she was right back to being the happy Grandma.

And the excitement just couldn't be contained.
But accidents...they just happen.
We don't judge!
(I promised her I'd tell the truth about this picture,
Michael may, or may not, have been the culprit behind the accident)