Wednesday, June 23

At last

Multiple phone calls a day,
More dedication to our relationship,
Enduring through thick and thin,
Trying to find good in the distance,
Reinforcing feelings...
While trying to avoid other feelings,
Confidence in a decision,
Feeling anxious and excited about change
Communication, communication, communication,
It's key!

Long distance is not really awesome,
So, I'm glad it's almost over.

A sign of a good guy:
Flowers to brighten my day.
And a week later they're still looking good!

The long awaited weekend finally came,
I can't believe we made it an entire month,
I never want to do that again.
Thankfully, after a weekend together, we only have to endure 3 more days apart.
And then...
We'll be married!
Weird, yet exciting.
Yay for getting to hang out with him all weekend!

Sunday, June 20

A walk down memory lane

Sometimes I don't want to walk down memory lane, but with a small bribe, I'll nearly do anything, and last night proved my point. But I'll have you know, I didn't want to do it. You see, I'm living at home, yes, with my parents where I pay rent in love. So, naturally, I need money. And for all of you oh-so-avid blog readers, you've seen a glimpse into my life these last few years. So, this isn't for you so much, as it is for me.

What have I been doing with my life the past two years? Actually let's make it the last six years, since the ending of my high school days, back in 04'. Well, I went to BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, and graduated from BYU. In the interim I worked at fat camp. Yes, a legit fat camp, and I happened to have loved it (at least the reflecting on it part). I moved to Washington, DC in May 2008, and spent the last (almost) two years working for the United States Agency for International Development. And just for the heck of it, I'm just going to throw in there that I traveled to Africa for work, twice. And no, I never attended my five year high school reunion.

I'm not trying to brag or anything, but my life has been pretty great since those high school days, six years ago. But I'll have you know, last night sure made me feel like I've accomplished absolutely nothing. I may claim to be jobless, but that's not entirely true. I've been going catering on occasion, since I've been home, with the restaurant I used to work at in high school. I am beyond grateful to the Morley's for letting me come back and work for them for a few weeks. They're kind of like an extended family. Anytime I'm looking to make a few extra dollars, they're always more than happy to let me come back to work. So, I'm grateful, I really am. However, last night, I can't say grateful was my attitude.

You see, when I found out I was going to go catering at Hillcrest (my old high school), for the class of 2005 (the year younger than me), for their high school reunion (remember I said I didn't go to me, five years is just a little TOO soon to be going back to rekindle old friendships), I kind of cringed inside. For good reason too. It was beyond awkward to be serving people who would look at me and say, "Hey, I remember you. Didn't we have (fill in the blank) class together?" Or, "Hey, I didn't know you're STILL working here." Or there were the occasional, "Wow, I haven't seen you forever, how have you been?" questions. But I know deep down they were thinking, wow, you've sure done a lot with your life, I bet you're still living with your parents, too. I kept having to vouch for myself, and throw out there, "I'M GETTING MARRIED IN THREE WEEKS." And "No, I haven't been living with my parents for the last SIX YEARS, I've only been in Utah for a few weeks, and just needing to make a few extra dollars!!!" Or, "Oh, I've just been living in Washington, DC, working for THE GOVERNMENT" Thinking to myself, I promise I have/had a life.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I'd feel like I had to impress people from high school all over again. This time, I wasn't trying to impress the seniors, I was trying to impress the people younger than me. Make them think I'm cool. That I have a life. That I've moved on from Utah, and made something of myself. That I'm about to get married to a really cool guy, and we're about to have a really cool life. And good for them for already being married, and having kids, because I'm going to be doing that, too. But I had fun in the meantime. So there!

Yeah, it was an awkward night for me. But thanks to working at Joe's, I think they thought I was pretty cool. I mean, I'm pretty good at putting a dollop of hot fudge on the mud pie, and dumping more potato salad into the chafing dish. It takes some serious skill.

So, like I said, sometimes I really don't want to walk down memory lane again, especially at a high school reunion that's not even for my class. But, for a small price, sometimes I just have to swallow my pride and bite the bullet. So I swallowed and bit it, bit it hard.


Not only did I get to spend Mother's Day at home with my lovely Mother, but today I get to spend Father's Day with my amazing Father, whom I love DEARLY. Pretty sure I have the best parents in the whole wide world. And yes, I'm aware that that may sound cliche, but cliche or not, it's the absolute truth.

Does your dad travel all over the world to visit you? (so I haven't lived all over the world yet, but knowing that he visits my brother in Sweden, it proves my, his future visit's to Oklahoma City might be considered international, it's a whole new world over there)
Does your dad run 5K's, 10K's, and half marathon's with you?
Does your dad wash your car every Saturday morning AND fill it up with gas?
Does your dad surprise you by flying all the way to NYC to hang out with you and your sibling, and then take just YOU to a broadway play of YOUR choice?
Does your dad light up when all of his children are home?
Ok, he probably does that, because what good father doesn't love having his children around?

So, even if your dad doesn't do these things that mine so graciously does, I'm sure he's still a pretty great guy. But my dad, he's more than great, he's amazing, and I love him.

Happy Father's Day, Dad, I LOVE you!!!

Friday, June 18


I'll be spending next weekend here:

But right now, I wish I was spending my weekend here:

Yay for Fridays, and getting to see my fiance in ONE week...I've almost made it, phew!

Wednesday, June 16


Spending a night with friends (some I haven't seen since I was in high school),
Was like medicine to my soul.
And now, my soul has been rejuvenated.

I never knew I could be so excited to receive "kitchen goods,"
But last night proved it could happen...

My smiles are legit, not just posed ones for the camera, promise!

Friday, June 11


The World Cup starts today, and while I'm not as into soccer as some people, the fact that I used to play when I was younger, I played on an intramural team in college (and boy were we horrible but it was sure fun!), AND the fact that the World Cup is being held in South Africa, makes me feel like I should be somewhat committed to watching this year. Exactly a year ago today I was in South Africa and saw first hand a few of the big stadiums where the games will be played. How I miss Africa. The people. The culture. The smiles.

South Africa:

They've been anticipating this day for awhile now...

And, just because this commercial is awesome and I have a Nike fetish...

Thursday, June 10

30 Days

For the next 30 days I get to hang out with this little one and his chubby little cheeks:

In 29 days I finally get to see him again:

And in 30 days from today, I'll be marrying this one:

July 10, 2010 coming right up!

Thursday, June 3

Back In Time

I stepped foot on the track, and from first sight, everything appeared just the way I had left it six years ago. The track felt good under my feet. It felt natural and like I belonged. Running up and down the stadium steps brought back memories from years past. During my laps around the track I found myself instinctually flying over the imagined hurdles placed in my path. My form was slightly off, but nothing a few more attempts couldn't perfect. I saw myself stretching on the grass, in the exact spot I always sat, after a long and tiring practice. And then I saw myself giving up, quitting, putting track in my past, and forgetting that I could have been good. Instead, I decided to turn my back and walk away. I had the speed, the form could have always been improved, but the speed was there, and that's what mattered. That's what won races. But I gave up. I decided it wasn't for me. And I decided to move on to other things, like wishing I was no longer in high school, and longing for the college life.

As I ran around the track, ran up and down the stadium steps, and imagined myself back in high school, my mind couldn't help but think of the way my life used to be. Of who I used to be. And where I've come in life. Six years ago I never would have imagined I'd graduate from BYU. Six years ago I never would have imagined I'd have spent a summer working at fat camp in California, lived in Hawaii for a summer, or made some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for. Six years ago I never would have imagined I'd go work for the government in Washington, DC, and then travel to Africa for work. Six years ago I never would have imagined my sister and I would become roommates for two years, after not having lived together for nearly eight years. And six years ago I never would have imagined I'd quit my job, go live in Oklahoma for a month, and then move in with my parents, jobless but engaged. Six years ago I never would have imagined my life would have taken the course it has. But six years ago I wasn't who I am today, and I'm glad it's taken me six years to semi-figure out a few things in life, like how to work hard, how to go after my dreams, and how to believe in the impossible. And most recently, I've learned how badly it sucks to not be working and making money. (I hate feeling like I'm on a budget!) I'm definitely missing my monthly income, but I know that good things are ahead of me, and patience is a virtue. That's one thing, that six years later I'm still trying to figure out. Patience has never been my strong point in life. Maybe in six more years I'll be closer to incorporating it into who I am.

Life after high school is great, and although I enjoy going back to my old stomping grounds and utilizing the track and stadium steps, I'm glad I never have to relive those days again. Somethings are meant to stay strictly in the past, and for me, high school is one of those things.

Other things however, are ok to reemerge. So, because I'm going back in time in this post, I'm including this picture, from two years ago. (don't be mad sister)

It just makes me laugh!