Sunday, May 30

Another goodbye

I may have been in a long distance relationship for the last six months,
But I was spoiled in my long distance relationship,
Because I still saw him every two weeks.

And now, after spending a little over a month together,
It's back to long distance again.
This time, I won't see him for an entire month.
Aw, poor Amy, I know, it's a rough life.
But hey, I'm feeling sorry for myself,
Because life's just not as fun when he's not around.

Tuesday, May 25

To-do Lists

What happened to the days of
Scrunchies and jelly shoes?
Recess and nap time?
Smurfs and My Little Pony?
Four square and double dutch?

What happened to the days of being a kid, where I never had a to-do list?

Now it's,
Working (or the lack thereof) to pay the bills,
And acting responsible towards life's responsibilities.
All things that aren't necessarily bad things,
Just different things than in my younger years.
And I have a feeling I'm just beginning to know what true responsibility really entails.

Despite the reality that some things in our adult life aren't always fun,
And being a kid generally was always fun,
Yesterday, I think John and I figured out the best of both worlds.
Mixing a little bit of responsibility with a little bit of play.

Our agenda/"to-do" list, consisted of the following:
Mattress shopping (oh boy)
Dropping John's car off to remove the HUGE screw that was stuck in his tire,
Sam's Club membership (sadly, they don't have Costco here, and there IS a difference),
Bought John a new suit for the wedding,
AND new shoes,
And I may be biased, but he looks REALLY good in it!
Massages by people who don't speak english (Ah-mazing),
Getting kicked out of tennis courts,
Then driving aimlessly for over an hour trying to find legit courts to play on
Before we could FINALLY play a few games of tennis,
Picked up John's car,
And then, if all of that wasn't enough, we ended the day by buying a new house...
Well, almost...
At least we FINALLY got a house under contract.
And when I say it's new, I only mean it's new to us,
Because it was built in 1925,
But it's a rather adorable old, vintage, renovated little house.
And I can't wait!
(praying everything moves along smoothly now)

I may not have recess or playing double dutch in the middle of my day to look forward to anymore,
But I guess "to-do" lists can always have a little bit of fun incorporated into them.

Monday, May 24

From Fittest to Fattest

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fitness least I was until I moved to Oklahoma City. Not having a gym membership, and semi-giving up running, doesn't make working out easy. However, it does give ease to going insane. Yes, it's true, I have an addiction to working out. And when I can't do it, I just feel... well, blah is the only word that comes to mind. So blah it is, and I simply don't like it. In my defense, I've had to force myself into a hiatus from working out, doctor's orders of course (clearly not mine, since I am getting married in 46 days), until the mono subsided. I still think it's lingering, but I'm making my way back into the workout regime nevertheless. And how could I not, after talking to an old friend/co-worker, about this article, that states that I just moved from the fittest city, Washington, DC, to the fattest city, Oklahoma City, in the US. If that's not motivation enough to get my lazy butt out of bed, and strap on my running shoes to get in a good work out, than I don't know what is? So, tonight I made John come on a run with me through the city. We ran to the capitol and back...I wanted to feel like I was back in DC for a brief second, where the fit kids live, and it worked. However, only seeing two, yes TWO, people out running on our 50 minute run, made me feel far from being back in DC. So, I guess I might as well face up to reality, I live with the fat kids, but I'm not about to get fat. I guess that's what happens when you live in a city that forgot to lay down sidewalks, doesn't have a river to run along, and running along a freeway overpass just isn't quite as scenic.

Maybe I'll have to start up my fat camp sooner than I expected, and that wouldn't be such a bad thing...

Monday, May 17

No Place Like Home

No matter where I live in the world, and no matter how much I love where I'm living, there's always something nice about being "home", in a place that's so familiar, and so comforting. I don't ever see myself ending up back in Utah, but despite that fact, I love to be home, sleeping in my own bed, having home cooked meals (not made by me), and getting to spend time with my parents.

Favorite things about last weekend:

FINALLY finding a wedding dress
Figuring out most of the wedding plans...and the wedding is still 2 months away,
Wedding planning is a breeze (heavy sarcasm included)
Sleeping in until 11 almost every day (having mono allows for laziness)
Spending Mother's Day with my Mom
Hanging out with good friends
Spending every afternoon with my was nice not having him really work last week
Eating Dunford chocolate cake favorite
Working at Joe Morley's for a night...why not make a few extra bucks on vacation?
Spending Mother daughter night at Tai that store!

Oh, there really is no place like home...I'll be back in a few weeks!

Monday, May 10

R.I.P. Okie and Acron

I just received the most tragic text message from my roommate:
"Can I ask you a questions? How attached were you to those frogs?"
And I instantly knew they were gone. Between the three of us, in our house, there exists, two dogs, a cat, and the recently departed Okie and Acorn. I'd be lying if I said it was no big deal. Heck, they're just frogs, right? And let's be honest, it took me an entire week of being in Oklahoma to even realize that the little guys were still at John's house. It's true, I forgot about them, after I was so adamant that if I was moving to Oklahoma, so were they. I knew they'd survive the trek.What I didn't know is that Lord Bryron, the feisty little cat, would be the cause of their death. I'm glad I'm not there have to see it first hand.
So sad...she said she'd get me more, but it just won't ever be the same. It's like saying you're going to replace a child, some things are kind of irreplaceable...ok, maybe it's not exactly the same, but pretty darn close.
R.I.P. little guys!!

Sunday, May 9

Mother's are a girls best friend

If there is one woman in the world I wish I could be more like, it's her:

She's beautiful, and one of the most selfless, thoughtful, giving, talented, and patient woman I know. I've always said if I can be half the mom she is, I will feel very accomplished in life. I already know my future children will rather play with her than they will with me. She's incredible! I don't know how I got so blessed to have her as a mom, but she's definitely one of my many blessings in life that I wouldn't trade for the world. Mom, thanks for being one of my best friends, always answering the phone when I call, even if it's the 10th time that day, for listening to me when I need someone to talk to, for being a shoulder to cry on, and someone I know I can always laugh with. I think you are amazing, and I'm so lucky to be your baby girl.

I love you!!!

Thursday, May 6

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

If any of you haven't seen the show Glee, I HIGHLY suggest it. That is, if you like singing, dancing, and quiet frequently cheesy plots. I so happen to love all of those things, and from day one of this show airing last year, I have quickly become obsessed. I have my favorite songs that I love listening to over and over again, but this song, from this weeks episode, has topped my list of all time favorites. Probably because it took me back to my younger years, and I longed to be back in ballet again. John said he's support me in taking classes after we get married. I think he just likes the idea of me being in a leotard with a tutu...

Wednesday, May 5

A little thing on love

It's funny how 9 months ago, while sitting at work, talking to one of my friends/co-workers, discussing our dating lives, our "love" interests, and all that is entailed in that oh-so-fun aspect of life, the last thing I said to him, before walking away from that conversation, was this, "I don't believe in love." To which he responded, "And so begins your love story." Knowing me, I probably rolled my eyes at him, and made some snide remark. Little did either one of us know, that that's exactly what happened next, my love story began to unfold, and will continue to do so forever and ever.

Had someone told me that the boy from the computer labs, back in my BYU days, would one day be my fiance, and soon to be husband, I probably would have acted a lot faster. That is, after laughing at them for telling me that he was going to be my husband, considering he and I had never talked, and our lives were both taking us to very different places in the world. But some miraculous way, when things are meant to be, God finds a way for them to work out, even when we think it to be impossible. I have no doubt in God's abilities to bring to pass great things, miraculous things even. I have no doubt in His ability to know each of us so well, that sometimes our lives have to take a different course than we may have expected, but it's all for our own good, our own growth, and our own understanding. And when we're ready, He will bless us with blessings that we don't always deserve, but that we're privileged enough to experience. For me, love has become one of those blessings. And surprisingly enough, my love story has turned out just the way I had hoped for, but far from how I ever expected it to be.

I may be stubborn at times, opinionated, impatient, and demanding on occasion,
and because of that, I don't always feel like I should be so lucky and deserving. But for some reason, despite my weaknesses, God has let a good thing happen in my life, and that good thing is him:

I may have claimed to not believe in love a few months
ago, but if you'd ask me that same question today, I'd happily say, that it's amazing how one person can change my mind and make me think differently. I'm in love, I believe in love, and I can't wait to spend forever with with man I love!

Tuesday, May 4


It's been over two weeks since I made the trek out to Oklahoma City, and I have to say it's a little miracle the transition has gone so well. Not that I ever doubted it wouldn't go well, but knowing I was coming from DC, to OKC, it had me worried, I'll be honest. I've never thought I was better than OKC, but in my mind, I was just coming from DC, the nations capitol, a fast paced society where you can never get bored, even if you try. I knew I was coming to a place that even the locals say is "boring", so naturally I wondered what the transition would be like. I was worried that DC had made me into a girl that had to have every resource possible at the tip of my fingers. I was worried that DC had spoiled me into giving me everything I ever wanted. DC had made me into a classy girl, although not nearly as classy as the rest, but I still tried to keep up. I was a girl who thrived off of a fast paced society. And while all of this may have been/still is true, I'm discovering a new me that is about to emerge. One who went from saying, "Let's go shopping and have dinner in Georgetown," to "I'm fix'n to head right so into town tonight, if ya'll want to join." It's a new way of speaking, but I'm never opposed to new things, you know, the finer things of life. I went from a work environment that talked sex, HIV and AIDS, to being a health coach at OU last week. Instead of telling people to lay off of the promiscuity, I tried to convince the extremely overweight Oklahoma population to lay off the fried okra and fast food, that so conveniently lies on every street corner. I went from paying a pretty little penny for rent, to live in a house with five other girls, to paying for an entire summer's worth of rent, for less than one month's rent in DC. Now there's some food for thought? Why didn't I move sooner?! I went from wearing a suit to work (ok, so I rarely did that but it wouldn't have been weird if I did every day), to knowing that if I put on some cowgirl boots and a hat, and walked around town, it wouldn't be weird, or extremely out of place. I went from having a mall, plus a million other stores, just down the street from me, to not actually knowing where the closest mall is. So, needless to say, I have a lot of new things to learn out here. A new way of life to get familiar with. A new way of thinking. And a new way of talking, to say the least...