Monday, March 17

Goodbye Provo, Hello Real World

It's funny how a simple phone call can change the mood of someones day, and the path of someones life. And just today, at 10:02 this morning, I received that simple phone call. The tears of fear, the anxious feeling stuck in the pit of my stomach, and all of those sleepless nights of wonder, can now disappear. The east coast, a place where I was once told I don't fit in, will soon be my home for the next four months. Goodbye college, hello American Diabetes Association. I've finally landed my first internship in Washington D.C.!


Rob said...

Just cause you got a job doesn't mean you will fit in!

Lorena said...

Haha, Rob.
It's not about fitting in, anyway. It's about standing out and people loving you for that.
Amy, I'm excited to spend some time with you this summer! I hope you don't mind being roommates with all of our bikes. Maybe you will bond with them.

monica and brad said...

Congrats! You will love it there! (except the humidity)