Tuesday, June 10

If Only

I have amazing parents and incredible siblings. A perfect family? I'd say so. However, we haven't always been so perfect. FHE was always a struggle in our house. But, I think our nightly family dinners were a fair compensation for a Monday night lesson. If only my parents had taken us to Giants games for FHE, there never would have been an ounce of complaint from any of our mouths. I guess it's true that with age comes wisdom...and wow, how wise us kids are now! We're having FHE all on our own.Here are my siblings and I (Brittany where are you?) enjoying the last game of the Giants sweep over the Nationals. Go Giants! FHE doesn't get better than that.


Brittany said...

"Brittany where are you?" Well, I was at home because NO ONE told me there was a Giants game and that you all were going. I feel very left out.

guerry girls said...

Now that sounds like fun!