Monday, September 15

Going Green

I'm not a tree hugger in anyway. I occasionally remember to recycle the newspaper, milk containers, or any alumminum, plastic, or glass containers I may have accumulated throughout the week/month. I don't buy organic foods. I can't afford them. I've yet to purchase a "hip" and newly deemed, fashionably accteptable, reusable grocery bag. And by no means do I drive a hybrid car. However, just today I realized I'm doing something that can land me a spot in the eco-friendly category. Seeing that the lights in my office are on a timer, and naturally when you don't walk around enough they turn off, it's safe to say, I spend a majority of my day sitting in the dark. Some may say I'm lazy, I say I'm conserving energy (no pun intended). Oops, it just got dark again.


JD said...

your selflessness is truly astounding... but maybe you could walk around a little more...? you know, stretch the legs a bit?

Joshua and Joy said...

You're so funny! You know here in Oregon they're trying to make it so that you have to pay extra for grocery bags at the store, or bring your own. Which I think is crazy, because it's not like I'm going to lug 8-10 reusable bags to the store every time I shop.

Lauren Kay said...

Hahah! I'm so glad you are making an effort to take care of this earth. Good post. I still think it would be fun to blog about those new socks you picked up in PA. :)