Tuesday, November 4

"Excuse me"

What's gotten into people in DC? Within the last week I've had two people yell, shove, and give me dirty looks for the way I'm walking. The first was an old lady...that pretty much explains it all. She's old. I'm sure she felt like I stepped all over her seniority, and if that's the case, I'm sorry. There was no one around us, and she was walking slow. I'm not a slow walker, never have been, and never will be. Anyone who knows me knows I have a tendency to walk pretty fast. So being the speedy walker I am, I assumed I could sneak onto the vacant escalator before she got on. I was definitely right in my thinking, and with at least a few feet between us, I snuck onto the escalator in front of her. She on the other had was not pleased with my cleaver maneuvering. With all of her might she shoved her hand into my back and yelled, "Excuse me! You just cut right in front of me! You didn't even watch were you were going!" Actually lady I was, and I figured out with your slow pace and my quick steps, I had plenty of room to step in front of you, without disrupting your walking. Of course I didn't say that, only thought it to myself as I quickly apologized and snickered to myself. Apparently when NO ONE else is around, it's a big deal if someone cuts in front of you. I suppose I should have been patient and just waited for her to get on the escalator. But I was anxious to get back to work work, she was probably just anxious to get to her hair appointment that wasn't for another 20 minutes.

The second was just today. I got off the Metro, and stood on the right side of the escalator that is designated as, the standing only side. I was searching for my metro card that for some reason I had unintentionally put back into my bag. I quickly made it to the top of the escalator, still searching for my card. Before I knew it, I heard a man yell, "Excuse me!" I turned around, innocently assuming he was actually trying to ask me a question, and said, "Yes?" He looked at me and yelled, "MOVE, you're walking too slow!" Well gosh Sir. I'm sorry that there is an entire courtyard for you to walk past me, and you just happen to be standing RIGHT behind me, and am annoyed that I'm not walking at YOUR preferred pace. How dare I be so inconsiderate of your needs. So, with my attitude, and a very intentional, impolite tone, I told him "I'm sorry, you're more than welcome to walk around me if I'm not walking fast enough for you." I had to laugh to myself that the one time in my life that I'm actually walking slow, I get yelled at for it. For a brief second I was in an annoyed mood, and I wanted to be mean to that man for being mean to me. But then I tried to remember Elder Wirthlins words, "Come what may and love it."

Both of these "excuse me" situations occurred in the exact same spot. I guess I'll take the other escalator tomorrow!

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Brittany said...

I just have to edit one quote: "Move YOU'RE walking TOO slow." Not "your walking to slow." Okay, thanks. That is actually kind of funny and I really hope you told the man to walk around you. But, you should probably be more considerate of the little old ladies. :) Love you!