Monday, December 8

Tis the Season

Some of you (whomever you are) will actually receive a tangible Candrian family Christmas card, others of you...probably not. Andrea (my sister, roommate, and partner in crime, pictured in the strawberry (according to J.Crew) colored dress) landed the lucky job of writing this year's letter. So, natrually she wrote it news reporter style. Enjoy! My family is amazing, it's true.

The Candrians Go to Washington

WASHINGTON, DC – It would seem that fate and the East Coast would collide in 2008, bringing together, once again, all the children of Mike and Joy Candrian.

You may recall, Brittany was the first to make the move to Washington, D.C., back in 2005. Rob and Lorena followed close behind in 2006. And this year, Andrea and Amy caught Potomac fever too.

First, an update on Rob and Lorena: they are busy preparing for a big move overseas. This next summer they’ll pack up their belongings and head to Stockholm, Sweden, where the State Department has given Rob his first assignment. They’re both busy learning the Swedish language and keeping in shape. Much of Lorena’s spare time in 2008 was spent bike racing. You can check out one of her races on youtube: Rob couldn’t let Lorena have all the fun staying fit, so he trained and did his first triathlon. Sorry, no video available.

Brittany and Brian are still living in Richmond, VA, just a few hours south of D.C. Brittany landed a job in Congressman Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) district office in Richmond. She occasionally gets to head back to her old turf in D.C. for training on Capitol Hill. She couldn’t be happier. Meanwhile, her husband Brian is busy pulling teeth. He has a year and a half left to go in dental school at VCU before we can officially call him Dr. Richman. Anyone need a root canal? Brian needs some practice. "I am not moving to Idaho," Brittany said of where she and Brian are moving once Brian graduates.

As for Andrea, she’s slightly regretting her move to D.C., now that the weather has gotten bitterly cold. She ditched her CBS reporting gig in sunny Florida this spring to pursue a press job on Capitol Hill. She now works for Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) as his Deputy Press Secretary. All you Utahans can rest assured that Senator Bennett will be getting only the best news coverage on how your tax dollars are wisely being spent.

Amy graduated from Brigham Young University in April. She didn’t want to be the only Candrian kid left back west, so she too headed to D.C. She interned with the American Diabetes Association this summer. That led to a full-time job at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), where she now works as a program assistant in the office of HIV/AIDS. She’ll be headed to Africa sometime in 2009 for a business trip. Amy has discovered that post-college life, aka growing up, is slightly overrated.

“Do I want to stay on the East Coast?” Amy questioned. “Nope. I’ve lived in California, and that’s the funnest place I’ve ever been.”

Mike and Joy wouldn’t mind it if their youngest moved closer to home. They, of course, aren’t really enjoying life as empty nesters as much as they thought they would. In 2008 they made four trips to D.C. to visit their children. While it’s not likely they’ll be moving there anytime soon, they’re realizing their West Coast blood is running a little thin these days.

“I miss my kids,” Mike and Joy are constantly heard saying. Joy is spending her lonely hours perfecting her oil painting skills and working for an architecture firm. Meanwhile, Mike continues working for the church, keeping up on the latest novels, and jogging on a broken foot.

If you’d like to join the Candrians, and millions of other Americans, at the Inauguration in January, give any one of them a call. They’ll be sure to give you a good rate on a place to stay.

Who knows where the Candrians will be a year from now? They’ll keep you posted. For now, they wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2009.


Joshua and Joy said...

I love it! It's great that you're all doing so well. I'm sure that you're Mom would love for you to move closer to home.

JD said...

i'm disappointed in the amount of the article that centered on you, amy. you should take it up with your sister.

Weston and Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your christmas card with the blogging world. Your parents should be so proud of all the prestige jobs their children have. DC wouldn't be the same without you guys. I feel like you're probably not having as much fun there without me there though. Hope you have a good Christmas