Saturday, January 31

Dear Economy

You've been having it rough these days, haven't you? Companies failing, jobs lost, and frugality a must. Recessions can be a beast. They're telling me to save my pennies for a rainy day. Even when everyday seems to be rainy, they say 'keep saving', there's a monsoon on the horizon. Great, I'll save my pretty pennies for the potential disaster that everyone keeps warning me about. But first, allow me to do my part and help you out where I can. I don't mind one bit. In fact, I'd gladly help you out everyday of the week if I could. But I don't want you to become too reliant on me. We would both be in some serious trouble if that happened. For now, you just continue to mark down the prices on all of your goodies, and I'll continue to whisk them right out of your stores and into a better and truly cared for home. You say recession, I say great! If stimulating the economy is my mission for the next few months, consider the mission accepted.

Banana Republic, you've won me over tonight, and for that I say, 'Thank you!'. You're bright orange sign in the window with the letters SALE printed crisp and clear were too much for me to resist.

Green polka dotted blouse regularly $69.99, all mine for a lovely $13.99, yes please!
Blue and white stripped dress regularly $110, ringing up at $38.49, too cute to resist!
Black military sweater regularly $198, only $26.59, ok if I must, I'll have that too!

Georgetown, I fell in love with you all over again tonight. Let's face it, recessions aren't all that bad after all. If struggling stores means dressing great for me, well, we should have thought about this concept a long time ago!

Yours truly,
Stimulus Package


Lauren Kay said...

Oh how I love you! And, I need pictures of these fabulous clothes! I'm jealous!

Joy Candrian said...

Oh Amy, I'm glad you're enjoying those bargain hunting skills I taught you...maybe a little too well. Maybe you should be an editorial are too funny!

Brittany said...

Next time you see deals that good, keep your eye out for things for me! You can be my personal shopper (so Brian doesn't know) -- I'll pay you back!