Wednesday, March 4

The Update

You may recall last weeks visit to the doctor...foot in fact wasn't broken/fractured, and my working out was all wrong. Well, today's visit put all of my curious questions at ease.

Most doctors tell me I'm a hypochondriac with all of my questions. I beg to differ.
Me: "Make sure you check for diabetes...most of my Mom's side of the family has it."
"It might be a good idea to do a RBC, I've been known to have anemia."
"Could you also check my TSH and T4 levels? I think I might have hypothyroidism, my body seems to be doing funny things lately."
"And while you're at it could you also check my WBC to make sure I'm free of any diseases, my platelets, monocytes, neutrophils, protein, and lipids, creatinine/serum, chloride, calcium, and hemoglobin levels as well? I want to make sure my kidney's and liver are functioning properly. "
Doctor: "Is there anything else you'd like me to check, although I think that about covers it?"
Me: {I've been tempted to say, "Yes, in fact, could you actually just give me a full body CT scan, just to make sure I don't have any tumors, broken bones, or blood clots anywhere? You know, just to be sure?" But I usually bite my tongue and say, with an uncertain grin on my face} "No, that's all for now, thank you." I may be stubborn, but I rather have everything checked in one visit, instead of multiple.
Doctor: {Gives me a quirky smile, and proceeds with the exam.}

Well, today's visit attested to the fact that I'm indeed 100% healthy. My doctor turned and looked at me, after going through my lab results and said, "I'm the last person you need to be seeing right now. You're WBC is far lower than needs be. You're more than 100% healthy, and everything else is in perfect range." I don't have diabetes, no sign of anemia, and my thyroid levels couldn't be more on target of being in the healthy range. The last doctor couldn't figure out which prescription I needed to be on because (he claimed) my levels were never steady. Go figure!

As for the working out: Today's "theory" (which I still believe wholeheartedly changes on a daily basis) says that INTENSE interval training is the best way to go. My doctor suggested running at an easy pace for a few minutes, then upping the speed to as fast as I could go for about 30-60 seconds, leaving me as out of breath as I could possibly be, returning to a steady and slow pace for a minute or two, and then repeating the cycle for about 20 minutes. I followed doctor's orders tonight at the gym. We'll see if any results follow. I could get into more nitty gritty details, but I'll spear you all from anymore health boring, right? Or in my eyes, totally fascinating. We all have a nerd in us somewhere! :)

Oh, and don't forget, eat more of these:

Not these:

I was also told I need to start eating all organic from here on out. I think my life just transitioned from expensive to out of control in a matter of seconds!


Joy Candrian said...

That made me laugh so hard that I read it to your father...he didn't laugh. Oh Amy! WE LOVE YOU.

Joshua and Joy said...

I'll second about the laughing part. But you tend to make me laugh. I'm glad that you are very healthy...that is good news.

Clayton and Camea said...

I laughed too (only because that's how I am at the doctor) Good thing too since I ended up having thyroid cancer.

I love reading your blog, it always makes me smile :)

oh yes, I'm very glad you're healthy too!

JD said...

well, looks like your major translates into extra work for your doctors...lucky them :)

Lorena said...

hey mays, interesting post! we should chat more about these nutriton/fitness/health issues, because I find it highly interesting also. My sister tried the workout routine you are mentioning and I've read a couple articles about the method and definitely have some opinions on it. we should do dinner sometime, just you and i.