Wednesday, April 15


It's 1:01 a.m., my eyelids have turned into 10 pound weights but my fingers are light as a feather and won't stop typing. I have to be at work in seven hours. Ideally I'd like to be to the gym in four. But I have a feeling sleep and my better self will think otherwise. My life is crazy at the moment. Unfortunately most of that is my fault. Not all, just most.

Work, which once felt like a drought, has recently turned into a monsoon of pressing responsibilities. Poor baby, I know. Busy at work, welcome to the real world, right? Well busy or not, I'm still trying to remind myself that this IS the real world, not give Amy busy work so I can earn an A, kind of work. It's my reality I'm still not ready to face. Church obligations have increased. My conscience has been manipulating me. Sleep has become scare. A recent addiction to Gossip Girl has emerged in an unhealthy fashion. The gym and I are going through a rough break-up. And when I go out to eat at fancy restaurants I don't know how to order.

The proof:

The menu called it a "salad". Imagine my shock when a small plate with two tomato slices, two basil leaves, and three slices of mozzarella cheese turned into my hearty entree. Talk about a filler-up. "Excuse me, another basil leaf please?" Fear that another leaf would cost me the equivalent of 30 minutes of work, I bit my tongue and watched Laura chow down on this instead:

A true hearty meal:

I guess I'll never be one of Manhattan's elites.




Brittany said...

Oh dear. What in the world were you doing up so late . . .er, early, I mean? That's not like you these days!

Lauren Kay said...

I can't decide what I like better, the picture of your measly salad or the Manhattan elite xoxo, A part. Either way it was a happy moment to see your blog updated in my reader this morning! Love!

Carlita said...

we never got into gossip girl, but we are completely obsessed with Gilmore Girls. like 5 seasons into it in only like a month and a half. there is always such an element of love and hate with television series.

and that is a very measley salad. i hope it tasted good at least!

AJ Candrian said...

Remind me again why your life is crazy? I must have missed it the first time you explained.. or didn't explain. :)

brook said...

hah, note to self: never order "salad" at a fancy restaurant.