Friday, April 24

Rise and Shout the Cougars Are Out

A year ago today BYU became my Alma Mater. A year ago today I was celebrating being done with tests, papers, all night study sessions, and two years of living in Condo Row. A year ago today I was packing up my life of two years in Provo, and getting ready for an internship in Washington, DC. A year ago today I was ready to take on the world. Happy graduation day to all of my Cougars who put on that lovely cap and gown today!

I've come to the following realizations this past year:
  1. Life doesn't revolve around semesters anymore
  2. Growing up is overrated
  3. I do work to get a pay check, not a grade
  4. I should have worked harder in school
  5. I miss being a college student more than I thought I would
  6. I'm even more unsure of what I want to do career wise, than I was while in college
  7. An hour nap should be part of an eight hour work day
  8. The definition of a"sick" day can be very broad
  9. As a single "career woman" my money is ALL mine
  10. I need a passport
In celebration of surviving a year out of college, I decided it's time I break down and make a purchase that was a long time overdue.

S. Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, China, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, England, Kuwait, Egypt, India, and Spain, I'll be seeing you soon.


guerry girls said...

Yes Amy, travel while you can and have lots of fun while you are doing it. I wish that I would have.

MichaelJ said...

You forgot Sugar City on your list!

Lauren Kay said...

Yay for graduation! Congratulations to you one year ago, and congratulations to me yesterday! I'm ready to follow in your footsteps!

Joshua and Joy said...

I hear passports are quite expensive these days. Mine expired awhile ago. I agree with Shawna, travel and enjoy it while you can. Otherwise, you'll probably have to wait until your kids are grown to go out traveling.

brook said...

i am so jealous.....USAID, here i come. actually, naw, grad school, here i come. i wanna be a student again!!!

Joy Candrian said...

Just remember, there's no place like home!