Tuesday, May 19

Third Time the Charm

12 months on the east coast
Three different locations of residency
Finally one great room all to myself.

From living with my brother and sister in-law
Upon arrival back east, and
Sharing a bed with my dear sister,
To sharing the master bedroom in our townhouse,
We finally took the plunge and upgraded to our
Own bedrooms
on separate floors
of our new house.

I may have downgraded in some aspects of my recent move,
{I'm still trying to figure out where to put all of my clothes}

But in other area's
It was entirely an upgrade,


My sister and I may have been eager to finally have our own rooms,
But truth be told,
She's going to miss me sleeping in the bed right next to her.

In fact, for the first two nights in our new house,
Her mattress was on MY bedroom floor.
It's tough being such a great younger sister.


Sarah Jane said...

Amy, I am always begging my little sister to sleep in my bed with me. I'm pretty sure she would agree with you about it being tough to be a little sister.

AJ Candrian said...

Let us hope that the third time really is "the charm."
Also, you liked having me in your room.