Tuesday, June 30

Day 36

Africa, it's time I bid thee adieu.
I may have not loved you in the beginning,
In fact, I may have not loved you at all,
But with time I learned to adore you.
With time I learned who you are.
In 36 days and you opened my eyes,
To a world that's real and alive,

A world that's opposite my own.

A world who knows how to survive

Off of the bare essentials,

Which is unlike what I see at home.
You've changed the way I see things,
And made me realize I have it alright.

But I won't envy your ways,
Or long for the days

Where power and water are scarce.

Where I think A.W.A.
Africa Won Again,
Because those are the days,

When you humbled my ways,

And taught me a lesson or two.

So, here's to you Africa, as I bid thee adieu.
I'll long for our differences.
I'll long for your crisp nights.
I'll long for the game that surrounds.

And I'll long for your adventures that ensue.

I'll long for the eyes of the children,
Whose eyes pierce my soul to the core.
Their innocence and their beauty,

The charm in their smiles is there.

They're more than just a gift from heaven,

They're God's way of lifting and cheering this world,

That can often times forget it's purpose

When dark clouds seem to have settled in,

But the light from the children will always shine through.

And hope is alive once more.

Thank you for teaching me some of life's lessons

And humbling me along the way,

You'll always have a place in my heart,

But for now I must wake from this dream,

And face reality once again.

Ke a leboga, Botswana.


trentathon said...


Brittany said...

Is that free-verse poetry/prose?

Joy Candrian said...

That was really nice Amy. It brought a tear to my eyes.