Sunday, August 30

What Not to Wear

We have all had those days of staring blankly into our closets wondering what to wear. Nothing seems to catch our eye, fit our mood, or smell clean, leaving us to often times settle on the quickest thing we can put our hands on. However, it's a safe bet that regardless of what we settle on wearing, it's never quite to these extremes, I give you/beg you, What NOT to wear:

Exhibit #1
While sundresses are the popular thing for the hot summer months,
A dress covering little of your body may not be the best option,
Especially to a wedding.
Unless you're Halle Berry, she can get away with anything.
Even then, she'd probably think twice before putting this piece of cloth on.

Exhibit #2
The Mini Skirt
While mini skirts were the fashion trend of the 60's
And are quickly seeping back into the 21st century,
It doesn't mean that they can or should be worn,
Especially if they're lacy and skanky.
The phrase "anything goes these days" shouldn't always be true.

Exhibit #3
The Wife Beater
Another classic summer look that should be left in the closets.
The knee high socks-basketball shorts-wife beater tank-top-tennis shoes and I have a big boom box so it's okay look.
DC, a.k.a "the hood"

Exhibit #4
School Girl
Socks, shoes, and a skirt,
Just not a good combo.
At least she was smart and knew to forgo the pigtails.

While I may not be considered a fashion expert, I think I'd make a great fashion critic.


Taylor Family said...

LOL that is great Amy!!! I still can't fugure out what she was thinking!!!! Maybe she wasn't:)

Lauren Kay said...

Halle Berry. Good example. Hilarious post. You'd make a fabulous fashion critic, but you just have to promise to let me come along for the ride!

Brittany said...

Oh dear. Another one to add on there is socks with sandals. Especially white socks with black sandals. Also, spaghetti strap tanks worn over shirts. That didn't even look good 10 years ago when it was actually more in style.

Joy Candrian said...

If you have to keep the strapless dress on by onstantly pulling it up, you really shouldn't wear it! (Example #1)

JD said...

besides the wife-beater, none if it applies to me. but i will freely criticize those who violate your rules.

Lorena said...

isn't the real culprit of exhibit #2 the fact that she is wearing a vest with one of those awful sewn on buckle things on back?