Thursday, September 3

O Rise and Shout

Fall, the best time of year
Hot, humid, nasty weather quickly disappears
Leaves begin to change colors
The celebration of mine and pops b-day's
(and soon to be my new nephew Micheal's)
School's back in session
And, although work is unfortunately ALWAYS in session
It means college football BEGINS!

Everyone needs a little spontaneity in their lives.
It makes things more exciting.

This weeks spontaneity consists of me fly here in the morning

To watch these studly men

Take on these gruesome Sooners

Max, I expect you to stick it to Mr. Bradford

But really, my expectations will remain low,
I'm just excited to see my men in blue take it to the field

I'll be cheering loudly from my back row seat

And singing with pride the Cougar fight song

Go Cougars!


JD said...

jealous, of course, but i take comfort in the fact that you will enjoy it for the both of us.

and tell max not to throw into double coverage. and to take responsibility when he makes a mistake (something he never did last season)

Lauren Kay said...

Love it! I wish I was coming with, and I wish that you were coming to NY with me. Why can't we do them both this weekend huh? Have so much fun! Love ya tons!

Joy Candrian said...

I hope you know all the words to the song! Will you be painting your face blue & white too? What about an inspirational you have one ready to hold up for the cameras?

brook said...

SOOOOO jealous.
but no worries, "we will fight, day or night" and KILL THEM SOONERS!