Tuesday, September 15

Step Up

I've always had a passion for the health field, that's no surprise to anyone who knows me. I love everything about the world of health, especially when it comes to the fitness aspect of health. After all, I did go to fat camp, and if that doesn't scream "I love fitness", than fat camp sure fooled me.

While I don't consider myself to be a health connoisseur, a fitness expert, or a know-it-all in terms of ones well being, I do like to think of myself as a great motivator when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Is that too boastful to say?

I've longed to work in the health field. To be part of something great, life changing, and inspirational. After graduating and landing a job on the east coast last year, I thought I was going to get just that. As always, things never turn out quite the way I think they will. I have a great job, at least I try to convince myself of that on a daily basis, but it's not doing exactly what I want. Exactly what I want is still floating in the "undecided" category, but whatever that "undecided" turns into, I'm fairly certain it's not what I'm doing at the present moment.

Sometimes I long to be back at fat camp. Sometimes I long to watch someone run a mile for their first time, and see tears of excitement fill their eyes. Sometimes I long to push people to reach greater heights, to see themselves crossing a finish line they never thought they would reach. Sometime I long to be the motivator someone's been missing in their life. Doesn't fat camp sound fun?

With that being said, and with not loving a job I'm forced to show up to everyday, I've taken it upon myself to create my own outlet if you will.

Take these stairs,

Some colleagues, a pair of good running shoes, this view to keep us going,

And let the fun begin.

I used to run stadiums a lot, right before going to college. Five years later, and I've yet to find a set of stairs that I deem "good enough" for me to consider it a "good enough" workout. Well, upon discovery a few weeks back, a lovely habit has just been formed, and the workout actually exceeds the "good enough" standard.

I love running stadiums.
I love running in the city.
I love running after a long day of work and relieving all of my built up anxiousness.
And I love running with friends.

I don't think they love it as much as I do, but I love that they let me drag them along anyway, and actually listen to my occasional outbursts of "KEEP GOING, YOU'RE ALMOST DONE!" to make me feel like I'm doing something good.


Brittany said...

Do they accept skinny people at fat camp (ok, I know I'm not "skinny" right now)? I might need some extra help and motivation to run a mile. I am pretty sure I can't do it.

Lauren Kay said...

I'll let you cheer me on everyday if it makes you feel happy. I'll even go slower so you have to cheer longer...

AJ Candrian said...

Maybe it's not your "dream job" but hey...look at that, you have time to blog at work. I only have time to comment. :)

Joy Candrian said...

Maybe you should apply to be a coach for "The Biggest Loser"...I love running in the morning before work but since it doesn't get light until 6:50 a.m....I'm now forced to go at night. Any suggestions?
Maybe you could be a Dear Abby type of person? "Amy's Exercise Antics"...hum, that has a ring to it!