Thursday, October 15

Hasta La Vista USA

The night before you leave the country for six weeks can be a bit exhausting. Feeling like you have 500 things to do, but at the same time, realizing you've already done everything, and just need to calm down. Right now, I just need to calm down, but stressed, overwhelmed, nervous, and excited seem to be better fit emotions for my present state, than calm and at ease. But calm and at ease will come soon enough, the moment I step on the plane tomorrow afternoon. That's when I can do nothing else but breathe a sigh of relief, I made it.

I feel like I've become a big traveler as of lately. I guess that's what happens when people start calling me an adult and put a paycheck in my hands every two weeks. I like shopping, I love food, I want a new car, I enjoy a good cultural event, but I seem to find a need to satisfy the little travel bug inside of me. I consider it a penny (or two) well spent. My eyes have been opened to the wonders around me. So, for now, you can find me roaming about the world.

Next destination: Stockholm, Sweden


Erin S said...

Have fun in Sweden with your new adorable nephew!!

JD said...

be safe...don't freeze... have fun

Brittany said...

I'm jealous.