Tuesday, December 15

Christmas Miracle

Have you ever had those moments when Friday night rolls around, you have options of festivities to choose from, and the only thing you want to do is crawl into bed, close your eyes, and go to sleep? Good, me too, and this weekend, that's all I wanted to do. Two weeks of constantly being tired is getting kind of old. So, crawling into bed, and finally getting a good nights rest, sounded like my ideal festivity. But, something told me I needed to go out and be social, even if it was against my will. So, I was good and complied.

An 11pm phone call rushed me home to the sight of this:

Thanks to our observant neighbors, we discovered our house was full of carbon dioxide. Awesome! Thanks to these studly firefighters, we learend that had we all stayed home last night, we wouldn't have woken up in the morning. Not so awesome!

Thank goodness for tender mercies and being alive! That's my kind of Christmas miracle. 


Carlita said...

oh my... i love christmas miracles! especially ones that are life saving.

and i LOVE the new car!! so adult. so pretty.

Lindsay Johnson said...

holy cow!!! our house!! Is everything okay?? p.s. i'm so jealous of you jana coming to see you this week. Have so much fun!!


Joy Candrian said...

So grateful that you were protected!

Karen said...

Thank goodness for being social!!

Erin S said...

Glad you guys are okay. How did they get rid of the carbon dioxide?

Kerianne said...

WOW! how did they find out there was CD?

Rob said...

Lorena says:
that's crazy! i'm glad you're okay. what caused it?

our fire alarm went off twice in the middle of the night, for no reason whatsoever. i was ready to take a hammer to every one of those devices. thanks for reminding me that they do actually serve a purpose besides annoying me.