Thursday, December 10

How Do You Cure ADD?

Any ideas? I thought once I got back from being gone for nearly 6 weeks things would calm down, I’d revamp my life, and I’d be good to go for another 6 months or so, before I felt the need to start this crazy cycle all over again. Instead, since day one when I stepped off the plane from Africa and back onto American soil, I’ve been ON.THE.GO! No time for sleep, barely enough time to clean my room, and far too much time spent running from one place to the next. And then they tell me Christmas is a few weeks away, and my world gets all mumbled and confusing. I’m still trying to remember that Thanksgiving has come and gone, and is no longer coming, unless 11 months away is “coming”. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it wasn't too long ago that I was basking in hot, humid, sunny weather, but hot, humid, sunny weather and all, it’s still December, it’s still the Christmas season, and I’ve just been slightly thrown off from enduring my various weather extremes. This isn’t a plea to pity me please, my life is hard, my life is stressful, my life is too demanding. It’s more a plea to ask time to slow down just a little bit so I can actually breathe in, rest up, calm down, and most importantly, CONCENTRATE. But at last, I suppose that’s what Christmas break is for, because time is not permitting otherwise. I’m here one second, gone the next. It’s tough growing up, when’s retirement?

Since November 25th I’ve been cold, freezing in fact. Why did winter have to roll in so quickly? The only time I feel warm lately is when I’m sweating at the gym, great visual, I know.

Thanksgiving, spent in the blessed town of Richmond, VA

Lauren and I at the National Christmas Tree Lighting. Hanging out with Obama, while the First Lady read to us" 'Twas the Night Before Christmas".

John came to visit, so we took a day trip up to the Big Apple, where enduring every form of awesome weather Mother Nature decided to shower us with was in full effect. Even in horrendous weather, the crowds never dwindle.

Beauty at it's finest.

I love Christmas time!

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Lauren Kay said...

I love how you just kind of threw that picture of you and J on there. No explanation of who he was, no explanation of why you went to NYC for the day... Pretty funny.