Sunday, December 20

Winter Wonderland Part 2

Well, the DC weatherman predicted correctly, 
And those 8-12 inches of snow not only fell, but fell hard, and doubled in precipitation.

I may have not heeded the traffic advisories and stayed in doors yesterday,
But if you had a new car with four-wheel drive, you'd want to test it out in the snow too.
And test it out I did. 
I love making smart purchases. 

I wasn't too prideful in zooming past those small car people who were getting stuck in the snow though,
I'd just pull over to the side of the road, everyone would jump out, give a little push,
And we'd all be happily on our way once again.

Naturally, Washingtonians freaked out at yesterday's blizzard. 
Church was cancelled.
Flights were delayed.
Lines at the airport outrageous.
Abandoned vehicles adorned the roads.
And even after a beautifully sunny Sunday, 
With blue skies and not a cloud in sight,
Work, too, is cancelled for tomorrow.

Washington, I kind of love what snow does to you.
I'll gladly take being forced into a lazy state for one more day. 
Just don't interfere with my flight home on Tuesday, or things might get ugly. 


Alicia said...

do you want me to tell you I have been driving with the windows down and sweaty??

Alicia said...

I love you! stay warm!!

Joy Candrian said...

Arrive at the airport early...I want at least one child home for the holidays!