Friday, January 8

Love is all you need

I'm blogging again about work,
but not to tell you all that I'm headed back to Africa in the near future.
When I see things like this,
It makes me excited about what I do.
And makes me love organizations who are equally doing their part
To help out all of those who are infected with HIV/AIDS in Africa.
So, here's to you Starbucks,
For helping out a struggling Continent.

This video is slightly cheesy,
But, for your enjoyment,
Here are some renditions of,
"All You Need is Love"

Some are definitely more entertaining than others.
So, enjoy!


Joy Candrian said...

Cheesy but sweet...thanks for sharing.

JessieDiRocks said...

I was going to post this tooo! It really is great.

Franco Amadori said...

hahaha loved it! specially since even Chile was in it!