Friday, February 26

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

I've never been one to quote movies, unless it's a song from a movie, than it's likely I'll sing along, in an awful, out of tune kind of voice. I can't sing, I know it, but I do it anyway. Put words to music, and I somehow know every word, and for some reason think I always have to sing-a-long.

Over the last few days I've been catching myself quoting lines from theme songs from some of my childhoods finest...well, just one line in particular, "Get it right or pay the price."
Watching that reminded me of this show:

Which escalated into me watching all of the following,
For memories sake of course:
How I miss the days of awesome T.V. shows.


Brittany said...

They don't make TV shows like they used to, that is for sure!

Erin S said...

Yes, I wish TV was better! I especially miss Growing Pains and The Wonder Years. I totally forgot about Hey Dude. And I loved Perfect Strangers, but watching that again, man it was CHEESY!!! Carter wants me to sign his name....CARTER :)

Alicia said...

I still watch Full House and Saved by the Bell when the mood strikes.. I am a nerd and my family got me most of the seasons for both shows : )