Wednesday, June 23

At last

Multiple phone calls a day,
More dedication to our relationship,
Enduring through thick and thin,
Trying to find good in the distance,
Reinforcing feelings...
While trying to avoid other feelings,
Confidence in a decision,
Feeling anxious and excited about change
Communication, communication, communication,
It's key!

Long distance is not really awesome,
So, I'm glad it's almost over.

A sign of a good guy:
Flowers to brighten my day.
And a week later they're still looking good!

The long awaited weekend finally came,
I can't believe we made it an entire month,
I never want to do that again.
Thankfully, after a weekend together, we only have to endure 3 more days apart.
And then...
We'll be married!
Weird, yet exciting.
Yay for getting to hang out with him all weekend!


Cynthia Lovell said...

It was GREAT being with you and your parents this weekend! LOVED the temple and Everything else!
We are Very Excited to have you in our family!!!

Joy said...

FUN weekend! From the photo shoot to the temple, the Giants game and all our exciting meals. Loved meeting your how you and John go together.

Colie said...

Is that suit ... the suit?!? Thanks for the photo. I love you both!