Sunday, June 20


Not only did I get to spend Mother's Day at home with my lovely Mother, but today I get to spend Father's Day with my amazing Father, whom I love DEARLY. Pretty sure I have the best parents in the whole wide world. And yes, I'm aware that that may sound cliche, but cliche or not, it's the absolute truth.

Does your dad travel all over the world to visit you? (so I haven't lived all over the world yet, but knowing that he visits my brother in Sweden, it proves my, his future visit's to Oklahoma City might be considered international, it's a whole new world over there)
Does your dad run 5K's, 10K's, and half marathon's with you?
Does your dad wash your car every Saturday morning AND fill it up with gas?
Does your dad surprise you by flying all the way to NYC to hang out with you and your sibling, and then take just YOU to a broadway play of YOUR choice?
Does your dad light up when all of his children are home?
Ok, he probably does that, because what good father doesn't love having his children around?

So, even if your dad doesn't do these things that mine so graciously does, I'm sure he's still a pretty great guy. But my dad, he's more than great, he's amazing, and I love him.

Happy Father's Day, Dad, I LOVE you!!!


AJ Candrian said...

We're lucky. He's one of the best.

Joy said...

Oh so sweet...did you send him the link so he could get tears in his eyes like I just did?

Colie said...

Phew. Good think I get your dad as my American dad!!

Jennifer said...

Yeah you're right every father is a great dad in the world ..

LOve my dad too--

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