Monday, July 26

A whopping 16 days

We did it! It meaning making it to our wedding day, actually following through with the part that weds us, making it through a nearly perfect sealing, luncheon, and reception (perfect until my husband of 7 hours lost the keys, leaving us stranded at the reception for a whole five minutes little longer than planned), going on our honeymoon, spending 11 days in Hawaii (that's what I call a little bit of heaven), and then off to California for our open house.

Now, we're back in Utah, and I'm just on the edge of my seat with excitement for our upcoming, and semi-permament (three years permanent) move to Oklahoma City. Don't be jealous, you can come visit. We have a spare bedroom.

It's been a whirlwind summer. From quitting my job, getting engaged, moving to Oklahoma City, to planning a wedding, moving back home with my parents in Utah for a month, and buying a house. Then traveling back and forth between California and Utah, it's been one heck of a summer. And I've nearly loved every minute of it. Everyone keeps telling me now it's time to really grow up, and find some stability in my life, and you know what? For a change, I'm agreeing with them. I've enjoyed my summer break, but I'm ready to start making money again and feeling somewhat useful. So, here's to a new life ahead of me, one that doesn't just include me anymore. John keeps reminding me that things aren't just mine, they're ours now. Like when I, I mean we, got a check from our reception that had just MY name on it, I said sweet, I got money, to which he responded, you mean WE got money. I'm learning...

So, since Naturally Me and My Natural Ways was all about me, it's time to be all about us, that's how married life is supposed to go, right? Right, so I've taken it upon myself to start a blog that's about US, and not just ME. If you're dying to see wedding pictures, bridal pictures, and some Hawaiian loving fun, than you can check out
OUR new blog. I'm sure it will be full of loads of excitment, trust me, we're moving to Oklahoma, and I just know excitement is awaiting our arrival.

And just so this post isn't entirely b-o-r-i-n-g, I'll add a picture of our wedding, in hopes of enticing you to read our new blog.

This has been a John approved message


AJ Candrian said...

Oh, I guess that means this is the last comment I get to make to just "you" then... all the new comments from here on out will be directed to both of you. So long...

Brittany said...

So you won't be posting on this blog anymore? That's lame. Not everything has to be about both of you. Trust me, you need some things to just be for you, too!

Jennifer said...

I like the picture ..

Seems you're both in love to each other ..


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