Tuesday, September 28


I have a lot of time on my hands to think. For some people, that might be a good thing. For me, not so much. When it comes to thinking, I tend to over think, and then over think the thinking that I just thought about. Not a good thing, ya think?

So what have I been thinking about lately? My dream life. And all of the things that my dream life would consist of.

Some days I wish I could just be an interior designer, and go to people's houses and decorate (on their budget of course). I had never really decorated a house before, until I did my own not too long ago, and I loved it, and want to do more of it.

I'd be a personal shopper too. I love fashion. I may not dress cute all the time, or have the most stylish up to date outfits to whip out of my closet. But regardless of old or new clothes, I love to shop. I love to make something new out of something old. I love being creative. And lately, I love dressing my husband, who, like it or not, needed some help in that regard.

I finally have my sewing machine on my premises, under my roof. It only took four years for us to be in the same place at the same time. And I'm loving it. I haven't really sat down to sew for so long, and now I wish I had all the time in the world to sew things. I've discovered this cute blog full of sewing ideas. I want to get my hands dirty with needle and thread.

And last but not least, i'd have all the time in the world to dedicate to health and fitness, two essential in life. And two things I'd need, because of all of the yummy treats that I'd be making in the midst of my perfect dream life, where I have all of the time in the world to do all of the things that I want.


Cynthia Lovell said...

I didn't know you were still writing on your old blog.
Good for you, I didn't know you liked to sew. I used to make all my clothes, including my wedding dress. I had always hoped to have a girl first so I could make all her clothes. I ended up with 3 boys first and so I didn't sew as much....but it was still fun!!!

Clayton and Camea said...

I will let you be my personal shopper if you want! (You always look fabulous!) But it might have to wait a few years until I actually have money to spend!

Frog Princess said...

Love the living room pictures! I am trying to think of what I want mine to look like as well!

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Jennifer said...

LOve your blog !!
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