Thursday, August 11

21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge

I've always loved a good challenge.
One that gets my creative juices flowing.
One that makes me think outside the box.
And one that involves fashion.
Challenge accepted.

Rarely do I try to come up with new outfits to wear, I know what works and what doesn't with what I own. I have my set outfits, I have pieces that I can mix and match, but I never try to come up with new things with what I have. Probably because I hate mornings and I'm always in a rush to throw something together before I head to the gym and work. But mostly, I'm just lazy.

When I read about this challenge, I instantly knew I wanted to participate. So, here's to getting out of my wardrobe funk, and feeling like I have a new wardrobe for the next 21 days, beginning August 15th.

Anyone want to join me in this little challenge? Just think prizes, goodies, and a new wardrobe.

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