Wednesday, August 17

Special Delivery

Who doesn't love getting a good deal on something? Even better, something that's free? I've started couponing simply because it means I can get lots and lots of stuff for free, or close to free at least. Every free sample I see available online, I get. I mean, why not, it's free, right? I'm sure I can put a sample bag of dog food to good use, even though I don't own a dog. But hey, it was free.

Ok, so I've never actually requested a free sample of dog food, I'm not that crazy, and for the record, I'm not a hoarder either. But my husband did request a whole lot of something else.

I decided since there are more people reading this blog right now than usual, I thought it would be fun to do a give away.

Head over here and cast your guess and you may be the new owner of something far better than a free online sample. Trust me, I wouldn't be giving this away if it wasn't worth it.

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