Tuesday, September 6

Tuesday the new Monday

Skirt: Thrifted, Shirt: Thrifted, Sweater: Express, Shoes: DSW

This past weekend taught me a few things: I need long weekends as much as I need air. They're essential for my survival. And, if only every work week could begin with Tuesday and end with half day Friday's, life would be a little bit sweeter. Too bad that's only this week and then it's back to normal five day workweeks until Thanksgiving. Yikes. That seems like a long time to go without a break. Which is why I have a vacation planned in a few weeks. Who was I kidding to think I could actually make it until then without a day or two, or five off?

Summer may be over, but vacations sure aren't! 


Joy said...

Love the grandma necklace! Miss you.

Nav said...

love the shades of blue together, specifically that skirt - and you look lovely :)

xo Nav

Tina said...

Couldn't agree with you more on long weekends! How nice!!

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Brittany said...

I couldn't put those colors together without looking like Sue Heck (do you watch The Middle?). But like I always say, you look cute no matter what you wear!