Tuesday, April 29

It's a wonderful thing

Well, I did it, I actually graduated from college. More like I actually walked, making it seem like I actually graduated. I still have to do my internship for it to be legitimately true. Nevertheless, I will never be a student of Brigham Young University ever again. I will never walk through campus with thousands of other Latter-day Saints, and I will never get to sit in a classroom where we're discussing chronic diseases while incorporating the gospel into our discussion. What a unique place BYU is. I'm going to miss it. Two years at BYU didn't seem long enough. Two years at BYU-Idaho seemed long enough. And two months at BYU-Hawaii seemed to just teased me. But, I can't complain, I've had amazing college experiences, made amazing friends, and had amazing professors. College, it's simply a wonderful thing.


Brittany said...

Well, technically you could go back to grad school there or get a job there -- so you could walk on campus with thousands of LDS students again -- you never know. But, I have a feeling that in a few months to a year you will be over it anyway. At least I was. :) I love you and I'm proud of you!

Lorena said...

Congrats Amy!
I'm excited to have you come stay with Rob and I. As long as you keep good on that cooking and cleaning thing. :) I'm going to try to clear out some closet space for you today. But you'll still have to live with our bikes, the five foot tall bed, and getting awakened every now and then in the middle of the night from my sleep-yells. It'll be a party!

JeppesenFam said...

happy graduation cousin amy! (this is michael by the way) we made this account so we could leave rude comments on erin's blog, so if you are ever bored or want a laugh, you should check them out! :)