Tuesday, May 20

So Naturally Overheard

I've ridden more public transportation in the past two weeks, than I have in my short, yet wonderful 22 years of life. And wow, what an experience it has been. In these past two weeks, the knowledgeor lack thereofI've gain from eavesdropping is astounding. I grab the Washington Post every morning I get on the Metro, and occasionally I'll attempt to read Jane Eyre on the twenty minute ride home from DC. But it seems that no matter what I try to do to keep my mind on my own business, I somehow find myself listening to the conversations that are going on around me. The ride home is usually full of funny conversations about the drama, annoyances, and poor work ethic in the office. Then, just the other day I "overheard" two women talking about the lack of men in their lives, and how they like it that way. One of the women commented that she's too set in her ways to even consider allowing a man into her life. The other just replied that all they do is complicate life, (as understood from her story about her children, her ex husband, and the joy that accompanies dealing with the two). And best of allso far anyway—was the high school couple who couldn't figure out why at 5 O' clock there was so many people on the Metro? Oh teenagers, so naive to life. But I guess in a big city, I am too. Regardless, the Metro has been a great experience. Who knew public transportation could be so fun? With that said, and I know it's only been two weeks, I think big city life and I are like peas and carrots. We just go together.


Matt and Carla said...

Found you! I love blogs. and facebook because it connects me to blogs. I hope it's okay if I tune in to your DC adventures. You can do the same with ours if you'd like... it does sound very exciting on your side though. So is this just for the summer? and are you alone? Remeber when we were 5 and I cried when I stayed at your house. We'll be friends for life because of that. And pretty pretty princess.

meghann said...

Hey Amy! Wow I didn't know you lived in D.C. how crazy! Congrats on graduating and your internship!How are you liking it over there? Weren't you here a couple weeks ago I think Chelsea went to dinner with you or something, well whenever your in town we should all get together, I have a blog too it's private though so you have to email me your email so I can invite you if you want. My email is meg8186@hotmail.com.