Wednesday, May 14

Small and simple things

I have to say that I believe one of the greatest facilities ever invented is the restroom. And when you don't have one, it's the worst thing possible. Well, that's been my experience the past week of working at my internship. It took me until Monday (I started work the previous Wednesday) to discover where the restroom on the 10th floor of the Blake Building is, and it took me until Wednesday (an entire week later) to discover how to get into that restroom. So, if you're wondering, the answer is YES. I've been working 8 hour days never having gone to the restroom (and I'm sure who's ever reading this wanted to know that.) If that doesn't have "intern" written all over it, I don't know what does. How was I to know that you have to have a key to get in? The last time I checked restrooms were open to anyone needing to use it.


The Stevens Family said...

Oh my gosh Amy, that is so funny! I'm sorry you had to hold your pee all day, but I'm glad you finally found the bathrooms! Ha ha, thanks for making me laugh!

trentathon said...


Lorena said...

Wow, Amy. Transition to the big city life is a bit daunting, huh? I've seen men take care of this problem by peeing on city streets/walls/sidewalks more times than I would care to count. Glad you didn't resort to such methods.