Wednesday, June 18

They Call This News?

Usually after reading news articles, I walk away feeling somewhat more educated on the happenings in the world. Today, that wasn't quite the case. I was reading on tonight, catching up on the latest health articles, when I stumbled across some of the most ridiculous articles I've ever read. All I can think is, some people have lost their minds, and some are just plain stupid. Let me summarize my two favorite (or not so favorite) articles I read tonight.

The first article: "700-pound man's birthday wish? Marriage."
I thought about adding the picture of this man, but quickly realized that for the sake of my blog, his picture will not be displayed.
This article is about a man who once weighed a half ton (1,235 pounds to be exact) and is now down to 700. His birthday is today, and the only wish he has for the upcoming year is to lose enough weight to walk his fiance down the isle at their wedding. He hasn't been able to leave his bed for the last six years, and the one attempt he tried to make in leaving his house, and I quote "failed when a flatbed tow truck brought to transport his reinforced bed got caught beneath an underpass." Isn't that unfortunate? He blames America for gaining so much weight. He moved here from Mexico and began eating a consistent diet of junk food and soda.
My first thought is, HOW? How in the world do you let yourself reach that weight without realizing something needs to change? How do you even get to 500 pounds without realizing something isn't right? My second thought is, how do you fall in love with someone when you haven't left your bed in six years? Have they even been on a date? Maybe she's the one that feeds him since he can't leave his bed and is partly to blame for his obesity? Go figure

The second article: "28 million women face unwanted pregnancy" just made me laugh.
Apparently half of American women will wind up with an unintentional pregnancy, due to a lack of proper protection. Well, obviously if you aren't doing anything to prevent a pregnancy, you'll likely end up pregnant. If people only thought before they acted, maybe the pregnancies wouldn't be so unintentional after all. Just a thought.

Got to love the news...or the people that create it.


Monica said...

I'm lovin' the updates Amy--keep them coming! You're doing a great job and I wish I could see you and hear all your crazy stories in person!

Meg and Alex said...

I saw that story to about the crazy fat man. I was thinking the same things you were. How funny

Joshua & Joy said...

Wow Amy! You get my award for most interesting blog. It's so much fun to see what you're going to post next. I'm very glad you didn't post the fat man picture on your blog. I wouldn't want to see it more than once.