Sunday, June 29

I have a theory

I love living in DC. I love everything about this city. I love that I'm finally moving into my very own apartment, and can end this two month streak of living out of a suitcase (although I'll miss living with my brother and sister in-law). And best of all, I love getting to be a tourist when good friends come to visit. So, needless to say, this has been a week of love. Thanks to Erin for letting me play tourist.

Utah, a place I'm supposed to be missing, but having a hard time doing so. Pictures speak louder than words, so I'll let them do the talking, (although a few explanations may be provided.)

We had a lovely tour of our nations Capitol, thanks to Peter and John. Then, it was off to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving to watch millions and millions of dollars get printed that will never be ours, or will it?

Apparently the U2 3D Imax concert is supposed to change your life. Although, maybe not so much the second time around. However, sitting on the back of the Lincoln Memorial to watch the sunset, will change your life.

Now that I'm posting pictures, I'm realizing how much we did that didn't get captured...what kind of tourists were we?

Saturday had to have been my favorite day by far. Following a trip to Eastern Market, and a few Smithsonian's, we ended the day with some crazy four-wheeling that left us covered in doesn't get better than that. Plus, I saw my first firefly EVER...if there is such thing as the coolest insect, the firefly wins my vote.

To finish it off, I made a great Sunday dinner for all of my siblings...aren't we just cute?

I have a either love the east coast, or you don't.


Joshua & Joy said...

I love seeing all the pictures. You're blogs are so much fun to read, but pictures are great too. I'd love to visit the east coast sometime.

Peter said...

I can not believe that the ride home from church was not mentioned. But I do appreciate the shout out.

Lauren Kay said...

Amy! I love the pictures and am so incredibly jealous! I'm glad you're having fun and loving it there. Jeru is good. Just super hot. We go to Egypt on Sunday and apparently they've been having 115 degree weather. I think I'm going to die. By the way, I can use blogger now (obviously). Lots of love!

Erin said...

yeah-I'm an honorary sibling!

John Christensen said...

Amy, I'm glad you and Erin enjoyed the tour and I feel especially honored that the photo was deemed "blog worthy"! Thanks!