Wednesday, August 13

One way ticket

I'm sitting at work right now, too antsy to actually be doing anything, enjoying the imaginations that seem to have taken over my mind. In less than two hours, I'll be sitting on the Metro, patiently awaiting my arrival to the airport. Normally, the thought of going back to Utah leaves me kicking and screaming not to make me go back. Today, I can't wait to go home! I can't wait to see my parents again. I can't wait to see my friends again. I can't wait to see the mountains again. And I can't wait to sleep in my own bed, in my own room, in my own house. No matter where I end up, no matter how far from Utah I'll be, that little bedroom, up the stairs, down the hall, second door on the left, will always be mine. Now, the real question is, should I stay or should I go? My one way ticket home has left the ending of my trip undefined. Maybe I'll come back to DC, maybe I wont. Do I really want to stay in Utah? That's the underlying question at the moment. Coming home for a good friends wedding, hanging out with all of my best friends from college, and indulging myself in familiarity, may make my decision slightly biased. For now, I'm going home, back to the place where I belong...I don't regret this life I chose for me...I'm going home.


Brittany said...

I believe your bedroom is the first door on the left, unless you count the closet door. Even if you decide not to come back to D.C., it doesn't mean you have to stay in Utah. You could stay there for a few weeks and then go to California or somewhere else entirely. You have far more choices than just Utah and D.C. Or, you could always go back to D.C. but not permanently -- just to wrap up your job and pack up.

Meg and Alex said...

Are you coming home for Chelsea's wedding? If so that is so nice! If not then it is not so nice jk. We will have to hang out when you come into town. I say don't stay in Utah you should Travel! Remember we were going to work on a cruise ship and travel the world, that would be the life!