Saturday, August 16

Tell me I'm dreaming

My trip to Utah has been a trip full of unexpected events. In less than 36 hours of being home I got a new job, had surgery, and shipped my car off to DC. Well, there goes wondering what I’m going to be doing with my life in the near future, and whether or not I should stay in Utah or go back to DC. I'm going to be a Health Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for Systems of Nuclear Medicine. Problem solved. Simple as that.

Despite all of the craziness that has occurred since being home, I can’t help but feel blessed for everything that has happened. God really does have his hands in each of our lives and is so mindful of our needs. This simple truth has been manifested to me once again.
Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

We may be college graduates, but you can never be too old for sleepovers. Stephy's wedding festivities. Who would have ever guess I had oral surgery only a few hours earlier? Laughing, eating good food (or attempting to do so), and a dance party were definitely not part of the doctors orders.

My swollen cheek is a little (or a lot) more evident the day after. I don't think the previous days festivities were good for the swelling and bruising. But hey, I wasn't about to miss my friends wedding. After all, that's what I came home for.


Lauren Kay said...

Despite the slight swelling of your face Am, you still look beautiful! (My mom even said so.) It was SO good to see you! I'm just sad it couldn't have been longer.

AJ Candrian said...

HA HA! My poor little sister, but still as cute as ever. Miss you!

Brittany said...

Oh Amers, I sure love you! I'm so glad you got that all taken care of while you were at home so Mom and Dad could take care of you. Please come see me if you need some TLC when you get back to Virginia!

Joshua and Joy said...

Congrats on the new job! You look pretty good for just having surgery. Get well soon! PS thanks for the pics, I did enjoy veiwing them.