Tuesday, August 26


Thanks to JoNel Aleccia, a health writer for MSNBC, and my sister for sending me this article, the reasoning behind my sweet tooth addiction is now crystal clear. I should have guessed that the horrible ear infections I'd have as a little girl would end up bitting me hard later. I like to think of myself as tolerable to pain, sometimes too tolerable actually. However, the ear aches I'd get as a little girl left me screaming in tears, now running for sweets, and a future of obesity? Yes on the first two, NO on the latter. Maybe you can blame ear aches for your sweet tooth too. While you're reading the article contemplating this new found knowledge, I'm going running. Obesity and I are not friends, never have been, and never will be.


Brittany said...

That looks like a good cake -- where was I for that birthday??? The fact that I am even asking that question is proof that I, too, had earaches as a child.

Joshua and Joy said...

Wow, so far I can say that I am not of the 17%. I had several ear infections as a child too and I've always loved sugar. Now I have something to blame. I'd better go workout too.

~The Stevens Family~ said...

That's crazy. I had a ton of ear infections when I was little, probably cause Idaho is so freaking windy all the time. And I crave sugar all day long. Interesting, very interesting. Hmmmm, maybe something in our genes.....and I highly doubt anyone in our family will ever be obese, its just not possible.