Tuesday, August 19

Welcome Home

I'm a big advocate of people going on missions. I don't think there is anything better you can do with your time than to serve the Lord. Sometimes I wish I'd gone on a mission, sometimes I think it would be such an incredible experience, sometimes I rather be on a mission working than in the real world working, and then, when I sometimes think of those "sometimes", I remind myself that someday I will serve a mission...when I can have my husband as my companion. Missions are great and the world is in need of devoted missionaries to bring people into the church. However, as much as I love missionaries, I love even more when they come home.Welcome home Sister Schallenberger!!!I'm glad I have friends who are willing to give their time to the Lord, but I love when the Lord can give me back my best friends!

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Joshua and Joy said...

Josh and I want to serve a mission as a couple someday too.