Sunday, September 28

So Long, Farewell

22, I never really cared for you.
You sent me away to become someone new,
And I didn't really care to do what you wanted me to.

22, you weren't particularly that fun,
A year full of heartbreaks, realities, and then some.
Looking back on my years trials as a whole,
You've done way too much to leave me feeling dull.

22, is it really true,
That I'm no longer a student going to BYU,
And I have to grow up and do something new?

22, why did you ship me off to the east coast?
I always thought the west coast would be my residing host?
You've rudely awakened me to the realities of life,
And caused me to go through some unnecessary strife.

23 will be better, leaving behind my past pain.
Only to show the east coast I can rule and reign,
But not in a way that will cause me to be feign,
And not rightly so, if it leaves me feeling vain.

Well 22... and I are finally through.
23, I hope you can inherently see,
That I need you to take extra good care of me.


trentathon said...

23 was a great year for me. I'm sure it will be for you too!

JD said...

:( boo for 22. Should have treated you better. We'll make sure 23 treats you better.

Carla and Matt said...

23 is going to kick-ass! Sorry for the French.. but it's true! Happy birthday! And there was nothing special about 22... so I agree, here's to a better life as 23-year-olds.

Lauren Kay said...

Am, loved the post. I know 23 will be a great year for you. I think it was a really good learning year. Just wait though, so far 24 is even better! Love you! Lets gchat tomorrow longer than today. But wait, you might be doing your job. Dang. Love you anyways!

Weston and Karen said...

Wow that was some impressive writing. 23 is an awesome year and I can't wait to hear all about it for you.

Joshua and Joy said...

Happy Birthday! I love Imogen Heap. Also, I like Frou Frou, the band she was the lead singer for. I think they only had one album.

Camea said...

Happy Birthday Amy!

AJ Candrian said...

I was 23 when I graduated from college. And life sucked for awhile... but then it got better... and just kept getting better. Hang on little sister, life is generally what you make of it.

guerry girls said...

I hope that you had a great Birthday Amy! there are times I wish that I was 23 agein!